Accountability is cornerstone of human rights framework: Nagaland CIC in RTI Week program in Kiphire

Kiphire: CIC appeals HoOs to be more responsible and transparent in activities, educating public to be self-reliant and actively participate in societal development

BY | Thursday, 5 October, 2023

I Meyionen Jamir, Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) of Nagaland attended the RTI Week 2023 celebration in Kiphire on Thursday, DIPR informed. Addressing the gathered, he highlighted the significance of the Right to Information Act (RTI) in promoting transparency, accountability, and the elimination of corruption in public authorities

Jamir stated that the RTI Act, passed in 2005, aims to ensure transparency and accountability in the functioning of public authorities and to combat corruption. Accountability is a cornerstone of the human rights framework, he added.

According to DIPR, he explained that accountability comprises of three essential dimensions: responsibility, answerability, and enforceability. Jamir also emphasized the importance of citizens’ understanding the accountability of those in power, known as ‘duty bearers’. Lack of knowledge about duty bearers often hinders citizens from exercising their rights under the RTI Act, the CIC said.

Jamir stressed the need for citizens to have access to information that promotes transparency and accountability in public authorities, contributing to the fight against corruption.

Public authorities have a duty to disseminate information proactively, educating the public about their rights and entitlements under various welfare schemes. However, there is room for improvement in this regard.

Jamir explained that Kiphire District was chosen to observe RTI Week 2023 due to its status as the only aspirational district in Nagaland and one of the 112 aspirational districts in the country. Kiphire faces challenges in socio-economic development and is one of the most remote districts in the state. The aim is to raise awareness about the rights and entitlements of the people in Kiphire regarding welfare schemes.

Chief Information Commissioner appealed to all Heads of Offices (HoOs) to be more responsible and transparent in their activities, educating the public to be self-reliant and actively participate in societal development. He hopes that Kiphire will not only be an aspirational but an inspirational district for others to follow in terms of progress and development.

A PowerPoint presentation on RTI was conducted by Nosazol Charles, State Information Commissioner, followed by an interactive session with participants.

The program was chaired by ADC Kiphire, D. Robin, and the vote of thanks was delivered by T. Kekongchim Yimkhiung, State Information Commissioner.

The event saw participation from various HoOs, NGOs, women leaders, college students, and council chairpersons.

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