Arenmongla declares candidature from Kumlong Ward no 7 under Mokokchung Municipal Council

Mokokchung: 11 women have declared their candidature for ULB elections in Mokokchung district

BY | Monday, 27 May, 2024

Arenmongla, popularly known as Arenla Pongen, has declared her candidature for the forthcoming Municipal Election from Kumlong Warn no.7 under Mokokchung Town. This ward is one of the six wards reserved for women, the others being with Alempang, Artang, Sungkomen, Penli and Marepkong.

A press release from the Media-Campaign Team of the intending candidate informed that Arenmongla, 53, is a mother of two adult children and a veteran political leader in Mokokchung district. She was born and brought up at Kumlong Ward, Mokokchung and has lived in the colony all her life. She hails from Mongchen village and is married to Imtiangshi from Waromung village.

Arenmongla’s political orientation is towards the Naga conservation regional politics and she has been an active regional party leader since from the year 2003. She joined the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) in 2018 and aspires to contest the ULB elections from the NDPP ticket and is actively pursuing the same from the Party high command.

The Media-Campaign Team also informed that Arenmongla had been preparing to contest the Municipal election and feels that it is a God given opportunity to contest and serve the people as a Municipal Councilor.

“For the past twenty one years, I have been in active politics. Throughout those years, through rain and shine, through thirst and hunger, in good and bad times, I have always been with the people as a public leader. Perhaps, to be in public life, in politics, is a God’s calling for me and through His blessings and with the support of the electorates; I want to serve the people more as a Municipal Councilor,” says Arenmongla.

The intending candidate emphasizes that this Municipal election is one of the most important elections for the people of Nagaland as it would enable the people to take developmental works at the grass root levels by making their own decisions. She promises to work hand-in-hand with her male colleagues, participate in healthy debates in the Council, collectively pursue developmental funds from different quarters and ensure a just and harmonious society.

Her campaign slogan for the election is ‘For Peace, Development and Harmony’ and has compiled an elaborate manifesto based on that slogan.

Arenmongla appealed the electorates of Kumlong Ward no 7 to kindly vote for her and give her the opportunity to serve them as their elected Councilor in the Municipal Council.

It may be noted that with Arenmongla’s declaration, a total of 11 women have declared their candidature for the elections to the urban local bodies in Mokokchung district.

Wapangnaro Pongen had announced her candidature from Kumlong Ward, Moangtula from Alempang Ward, Walunila Jamir and Moasangla Pongen from Penli Ward, Yongkongsangla R from Artang Ward, Rongsenlemla Jamir and Repanungla from Marepkong Ward, and, Imtimenla and Sunepienla from Sungkomen Ward.

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