If something is truly perfect there will be no room for imagination, creativity and improvement: Artist Mhademo Shitiri

BY | Monday, 30 October, 2023

Born and brought up in Wokha, Nagaland Mhademo Shitiri is a young talented self-taught artist who is well-known in Wokha for his graphic pencil arts. At the age of four, Mhademo Shitiri developed an interest in drawing where he began with rough sketches on cartoon and anime characters by watching them on TV.

“I started to hone my skills in pencil sketches and drawings around the age of 17 years,” says Shitiri who completed his graduation from Baptist College, Kohima with History Honours.

In an interview with Nagaland Tribune, Mhademo Shitiri talks about art and being an artist in Nagaland.

NT: What inspired you to choose this path?

MS: Like from the sayings (quote) of Nicholas sparks, “Inspiration can come from anywhere – an image, a comment, something that’s happened to me or someone I know exactly.”

Likewise, I am not aware of the exact date, day, time and the one who inspired me but I was inspired in many aspects of my life in some ways or the other.

NT: Who do you draw inspiration from and do you have any favorite Artist?

MS: I draw inspiration from many multiple Artists. Some of my favorite Artists are Silvie Mahdal, Kelvin Okafor, Arinze, Nick Sider, Marcello Barenghi, Heather Rooney, Shierly Lin, etc.

NT: How long have you been in this journey as an Artist?

MS: It has been almost eight to nine years since I have been associated with art. My journey started when I took art seriously in the year 2015.

NT: What is your field of expertise? (Pencil Art, Sketching, Painting, etc.)

MS: I have mostly focused on Sketching and Drawing. I love Realism Drawings. Sometimes, I  paint, and draw landscapes, animes and cartoons as well.

NT: Did you undergo any training?

MS: Yes, after my graduation in 2019, I went to National Institute of Fine Arts (NIFA), Delhi to pursue Diploma in Fine Arts for one year.

NT: Have any of your works being exhibited?

MS: Individually, I haven’t organized any exhibition of my artworks till now, but, I am planning to organize someday in the future when I am capable. Besides individual level, I have exhibited my artworks during my college days, on the occasion of Literary Fest organized by the English Department, Baptist College, Kohima.

I was little bit nervous and excited about my first exhibition. So many college students attended the Literary Fest and they did love my artworks, some they clicked the pictures of my artworks and appreciated me and some of my artworks were sold out.

NT: Is Art your full time career?

MS: No, As of now this not my full time career. However, I want to pursue a career as an Art Teacher in the days to come and would also love to work under Art & Culture Department of Nagaland as an Artist.

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NT:  Comparing to other districts, do you think that the Artists in Wokha gets enough platform comparing to other field like Music, Sports?

MS: Comparing to other districts like Kohima and Dimapur, I think that the Artists in Wokha don’t get enough platform comparing to other fields like Music and Sports. I feel like Artists are underrated.

NT: What do you want to convey to young upcoming Art enthusiasts?

MS: As an artist, we have been gifted with the ability to recreate images we see. Always try to do better than before, but, not perfect. There is no perfect art. If something is truly perfect there will be no room for imagination, creativity and improvement. And don’t compare your works with others, but, compare with yourself. You need to believe in yourself and become the best version. Embrace all the mistakes you come across. Learn by doing and do it consistently.

Great things take time, so, be patient with yourself. It’s ok to make mistakes, but it’s not ok to give up. God has already gifted us with different talents and now it’s our responsibility to hone those talents and use them to bring glory and honour to God.

Shitiri was the Winner of the District-Level Drawing Competition,  jointly organized by the Government of Nagaland; Nagaland State Blood Transfusion Council & Nagaland States AIDS Control Society, on 14 June 2013 at Dr. Motsuo Memorial Hospital, Wokha on the topic “Give the Gift of Life: Donate Blood.”

He was also the winner of the Nagaland State Painting Competition on Climate Action, organized by Nagaland State Climate Change Cell, Nagaland Science & Technology Council, Department of Science & Technology, Government of Nagaland.


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