Capacity Building on Meat Production held in Longleng

BY | Thursday, 6 June, 2024

A four day Capacity Building on Meat Production organised by the Department of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services, Longleng was held in Longleng at the KVK Conference Hall, Longleng on June 5, informed a DIPR report. The training program was implemented by the Chief Veterinary Office, Longleng with technical assistance from the KVK Longleng.

Dr. Hari Charan Kalita, Senior Scientist & Head, KVK Longleng while welcoming the trainees shared on the importance of the training and stressed on the importance of hygienic meat production, its preservation and value addition as a potential prospect for socio-economic income.

In the Keynote Address, Dr. Aoyimsen Jamir, Veterinary Surgeon, Longleng elaborated on the importance of clean and hygienic meat production from the farm till the consumer’s table. The training will cover not just be on the care and management but also on the slaughter and processing of meat for table purpose. He cautioned the trainees that meat is indeed a vital source of protein for our nutrition but if not carefully processed it may also be a potential source for spread of various parasitic, bacterial and viral diseases.

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He also informed that since Classical Swine Fever and African Swine Fever are endemic in Nagaland, pig owners should be very careful not to discard the leftover food to the pig feed, especially after consuming pork curry.

Dr. Lily Ngullie, SMS (Animal Science) presented on the Care and Management of Pigs and Poultry in respect to the geo-climatic conditions under Longleng District and on meat borne parasitic and zoonotic diseases.

Dr. Mophe B. Phom, VAS (MVU) presented on the Prevention and Control of common diseases of livestock and poultry prevalent in Longleng District.

The program was chaired by M. Bongdok Ngonyen, a total of 52 trainees attended the training programme.

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