Chakhesang Public Organisation writes to 22nd Law Commission opposing UCC

Phek: CPO states problems that would arise in Nagaland where personal laws varies from one village to another village

BY | Sunday, 2 July, 2023

The Chakhesang Public Organisation (CPO) has written to the 22nd Law Commission stating its opposition of Government of India’s proposal to implement the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in the country.

In its letter, CPO cautioned that the imposition of UCC on the minorities will give rise to social and political unrest. “Chakhesang as a tribe, we are for peaceful coexistence, and therefore we have taken decision to oppose UCC in letter and spirit,” it said.

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CPO stated, “as long as the religious and ethnic minorities feel secured by the constitutional protections, the national integrity remains firm.” The organisation regretted that the security of the minority communities was in jeopardized in the present day. It claimed that the Hindus being 79.8%, “tends to marginalize the minorities with majoritarianism bullies” “in the name of strengthening the unity of the nation.”

Further, it mentioned that the Indian nation, composed of distinct communities, is the creation of God and that the founders of the Indian nation and particularly the framers of the Constitution of India had “ensured the recognition of every diverse segment and the protection of their religion, language, customary law and their social practices and had it enshrined in Art 25 of the Constitution of India.”

Stating the problems that would arise in Nagaland where personal laws varies from one village to another village, if UCC is imposed, CPO said that “it would fetch more embarrassment for the authority of a village to prescribe the diet for the households in a village”.

“At this rate of intolerance of the religious majority against the religious minority and when such superiority complex is to be legalized in the camouflage of UCC, and under the strength of such law, if UCC is imposed on the minorities, we will be compelled to react,” Chakhesang Public Organisation told the Law Commission.

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