District level Social Audit Public hearing under MGNREGA held across state

Kohima: Under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), Social Audit Public hears are held to maintain transparency and accountability through the participation of people

BY | Thursday, 18 August, 2022

District Level Social Audit Public hearing under MGNREGA for nine (9) villages audited for the Financial Year 2020-21 was convened at DPDB Conference Hall, Kohima on 17 of August 2022.

The Gram panchayat/ villages were Chedema Model, Dzulakema, Kiruphema Basa, Kiruphema Bawe, Gariphema Basa, Tseimekhuma Basa, Viphoma, Phekerkeima Basa & Thongsunyu under five (5) RD Blocks ie. Kohima, Sechu-Zubza, Botsa, Chiephobozou & Tseminyu District.

The programme was chaired by C. Khanyang Imlong PD/ DPC, DRDA, Kohima while Vepo Keyho, State Resource Person, Social Audit Unit Nagaland highlighted on MGNREGA programme and the importance of Social Audit.

Representing the District Administration, SDO(C) Sadar, Kohima, Chonpenthung Ezung and EAC Kohima, Pichano Kikon attended the hearing as the independent Observers. The programme concluded with reading out of village wise Gram Sabha resolution and vote of thanks by the chairperson.


The 2nd phase district level Social Audit Public Hearing under MGNREG was convened on the 17 of August 2022 at DRDA Conference Hall, Phek. Altogether, 15 villages viz. Chozu-Basa (Sekruzou Block), Chesezu Nasa, Phuyoba, Thenyizu (Chetheba Block), Phusachodu, Rihuba (Kikruma Block), Sumi, Chobama, Enhulumi, Gozuto (Chizami Block), Reguri, New Akhegwo, Molen (Meluri Block) & Yisisothe, Sutsu (Weziho Block) were audited for FY 2020-21 during 2nd phase social audit.

Asst. Director of Social Audit Unit, Nagaland, Imlirenla Sanglir, on her introductory speech highlighted the importance of Social Audit under MGNREGS. She reiterated the programme functionaries on following the guidelines since compliance of the States with the Audit of Scheme Rules and Ministry Action Plan on Social Audit will serve as a pre-condition for the release of Central share to the State Governments under MGNREGS.

SDO (C) Phek, Tsenthungo E Ngullie represented the District Administration as an Observer. He appealed the programme functionaries to utilize fund judiciously for the benefits of the village. He reiterated on the importance of proper book keeping and to take corrective measures by implementing agencies as per the Social Audit findings.

The Social Audit Report was presented by District Resource Person, Toshimanen Jamir & Block Resource Person, Keneise Sopfii. The Resource Persons highlighted the audit findings whereby Open Action Taken Reports (ATRS) were being discussed and rectifications were produced in written by the concerned Block Development Officers (BDOs) during the meeting. Altogether an amount of Rs. 68,060/- were recovered during the social audit process under the category of financial misappropriation.

The Programme was chaired by Project Director & DPC, DRDA Phek District, Razukhru D. Vasa. He directed the programme functionaries to ensure and take corrective measures as per the Social Audit findings and recommendations.

The public hearing reaffirmed the Gram Sabha Resolutions as under:

  1. To maintain detail Transparency Board for all the executed projects as per the specification of Ministry guidelines.
  2. To organize Rozgar Diwas on a regular basis
  3. To appoint GRS/Mates
  4. To initiate capacity building measures for the VDBs on proper book keeping (7 registers).
  5. To update job cards with all the necessary details.
  6. Prompt submission of all the required documents to the Social Audit Team for smooth conduct of Social Audit.
  7. To mention work I.D. in all the work orders & sanction orders.
  8. To consult the MIS cell regarding issues of works that were executed on the field level whereas projects not reflected in MIS.
  9. Three phases of photos i.e before, during & after to be maintained for every project implemented under MGNREGA.


Department of Rural Development, Wokha conducted its 2nd Phase district level social audit public hearing under MGNREGS for 12 villages under Bhandari Block for the financial year 2020-21 during financial year 2022 on 18 of August 2022 at Deputy Commissioner’s Conference Hall, Wokha.

Altogether, 12 GPs villages were covered during the second phase social audit. State Resource Person Social Audit Unit, Nagaland, Vepo Keyho in his introductory speech highlighted on the importance of social audit under MGNREGA and other central sponsored schemes covering other departments.

He further stated that while the direct objectives of social audit process is to deter corruption, the social audits are a critical mechanism through which it empowers citizens and strengthen democratic action thereby bringing about social transformation, community participation and a tool to bring transparency and accountability. To attain its objectives, he encouraged the implementing agencies and the programme functionaries to judiciously follow the guidelines.

Independent observer from the District Administration, EAC, Wokha, I. Yentinougbou who attended the social audit, stated that after the introduction of MGNREGA scheme in 2005, witnesses’ enormous amount of development throughout the country and urged the RD department and the VDBs of the villages to implement all the schemes under MGNREGA judiciously for the benefit of the village, district and the country. He also urged the VDBs and Village Councils to execute the works and projects with transparency and efficiency to bring about more development in the villages.

Deputy Project Officer DRDA, Wokha, Shuyhunle Nyethong urged the Village Development Boards of different villages to take corrective measures accordingly as per the social audit findings. She further reminded the VDBs to follow the MGNREGS guidelines while executing the projects.

Block Resource person of SAU and District Resources Persons presented the social audit findings and issues resolved for the 12 villages under Bhandari Block. Later, the concerned VDBs read-out the resolutions adopted of the social audit findings for their respective villages.

The programme was chaired by DPO, DRDA Wokha Shuyhunle Nyethong while vote of thanks was proposed by BDO Bhandari Along Konyak.


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