District level Teachers’ Day Celebrated at Noklak

Noklak: During the ceremony, Tsongtsa of GMS Nokhu and Thento of GPS New Pangsha were awarded the District Teachers Award

BY | Monday, 5 September, 2022

District level Teachers’ Day was celebrated at White Hall, Noklak District on 5 September with Deputy Commissioner, Hiazu Meru as Special Guest along with teachers and students of various schools, Government officials, NGOs and religious leaders. The last Teachers’ Day in the district was celebrated in the year 2016.

Meru pointed out how in the Naga context, historically, the Morung as an educational institution has always been there to mould the pupils, and the teachers were always respected. He exhorted the teachers on how one should stay updated with the latest developments happening around the world in order to teach the students and to helping them play an important role in society.

Remembering one of his teachers who influenced his life greatly, he encouraged the teachers to make good impact on their students. He advised the teachers not to take their work lightly but rather build empathetic and competent qualities as educators. He further advocated that Government institutions must replicate the good practices of private schools. Meru further added that the future of Noklak District and the Khiamniungan community to progress at par with the rest of the world exclusively depends on the teachers.

The president of Khiamniungan Students Union in his speech stated that teachers are the beacons of hope and carry the greatness of gift for students – knowledge. He emphasized that children grow up with many challenges including social, emotional and technological, thus it is the teaching faculty who has to act as the guide.

Speaking on behalf of the students, Pusong N of GHSS, Noklak, said that teachers are a gift from God and the students are where they are now because of them. He further commented that teachers are sacrificial, wise and dedicated.

During the ceremony, Tsongtsa of GMS Nokhu and Thento of GPS New Pangsha were awarded the District Teachers Award.

The programme was chaired by Muthiam T and Kushen L of Christian High School Noklak while the pastor of Longdon Baptist Church Noklak Town pronounced the invocation. The welcome address was delivered by SMC Chairman, GPS Noklak Village. Special numbers were performed by St Paul School Noklak and Holy Angel School Noklak.


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