Handloom Expo “Tana Bana” showcases rich cultural heritage and rural talent in Mokokchung’s Mopungchuket Village

Mokokchung: Let us not merely sell products, but let us craft a brand, one rooted in authenticity and tradition: EAC Pfukri

BY | Friday, 11 August, 2023
EAC Kubolong, Mopungchuket VC members and officials of DIC, Mokokchung at District Handloom Expo on 10 August 2023

In a celebration of artistic prowess and indigenous craftsmanship, the District Handloom Expo “Tana Bana” has unfurled its vibrant tapestry at the picturesque Public Ground in Mopungchuket village, Mokokchung. This five-day handloom expo, orchestrated by the Directorate of Industries & Commerce in collaboration with the District Industries Centre, Mokokchung, has been graciously funded by the esteemed Development Commissioner (Handloom) under the aegis of the Ministry of Textile, Government of India.

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As the inaugural ribbon was ceremoniously cut by EAC Kobulong, Seyievillie Pfukri, NCS, an air of anticipation mingled with a sense of cultural pride enveloped the venue. Pfukri showered accolades upon the organizers for their unwavering commitment to showcasing the rural brilliance enshrined in the intricate handlooms of the region. “Our unique identity is woven into the very fabric of our handloom heritage,” he passionately exclaimed, urging participants to preserve and propagate this distinctive essence even beyond the event’s culmination.

EAC Kubolong Seyievillie Pfukri, NCS

Pfukri’s words resonated as he emphasized the paramount importance of maintaining unwavering quality standards over fleeting profits. “Let us not merely sell products, but let us craft a brand, one rooted in authenticity and tradition,” he ardently conveyed. He underscored the global resurgence of demand for products steeped in traditional values, asserting that the stories of heritage embedded within each thread can transform these handlooms into cherished artifacts.

In harmony with Pfukri’s call for preserving authenticity, I Nochet, Functional Manager of the District Industries Centre, Mokokchung, underscored the event’s commitment to unearthing hidden rural talents. With an expansive array of handloom and handicraft products on display, Nochet highlighted the origin of the District Handloom Expo as a testament to the Directorate’s foresight in choosing Mopungchuket village. This rustic locale was a deliberate choice, echoing the desire to channel attention toward untapped potential.

I Nochet, Functional Manager DIC, Mokokchung (Top L); Limalenden Longkumer, the Convenor MCTS (Top R)

Mopungchuket’s allure was further highlighted by Limalenden Longkumer, the Convenor of the Mopungchuket Community Tourism Society. He enthused that this expo not only unveils the intricate craftsmanship of the region but also lays a promising foundation for future tourism prospects. Longkumer’s vision for Mopungchuket as a burgeoning tourism brand was palpable as he expressed gratitude to the organizers for pioneering a district-level exposition within a village setting.

With 25 stalls gracing the event, 12 of which proudly represent the village of Mopungchuket, the expo is a vibrant tapestry of tradition and innovation. The synergy between handlooms and handicrafts is apparent, offering attendees an immersion into the rich legacy of Mokokchung.

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