Hundreds attend Candle Light Service held in honour of Late Supou in Noklak Town

Noklak Town: ‘We had hopes that Lt. Supou would one day become a leader’, Khiamniungan Menyiu Hoikam stated.

BY | Thursday, 11 May, 2023
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A Candle Light Service was organised by the Khiamniungan Students’ Union in honour of Late Supou P on Wednesday evening at Noklak Town. Hundreds of people from all walks of life attended the vigil to mourn the 25-year-old who was mercilessly shot dead around midnight on Monday in Dimapur.

During the vigil, the gathering read out ‘Lighting of the Candles’ in unison:

“We light a candle to honour this sacred time of mourning, as we grieve the loss of our good student friend. We acknowledge that the intensity of our grief and suffering represents the depth of our love. The tears we shed this evening is a testament of our pain inflicted on us by this loss of our sister. We pray for faith and courage to face dark days when we feel frightened and alone and for the friendship of others to help bear our burden of brief. We light this candle to acknowledge that peace can be ours despite pain and loss. We light this candle to love others fully as our loved one shared their lights with us. We light this candle guide us forward towards healing and peace.”

Various organisations shared their sadness and condemned the act at the service. The Khiamniungan Students’ Union said that it mourns the loss of its sister’s life and shares the sorrow of the family members.

The President of Khiamniungan Tribal Council, in his address, urged the youths to overcome wicked thoughts and not to let history repeat itself. He said that Lt. Supou has given a good lesson to the citizens and further advised the citizens to be careful and not spread false news.

The Khiamniungan Menyiu Hoikam lamented that the loss of humanity and sense of love has caused such a tragic incident. ‘We had hopes that Lt. Supou would one day become a leader’, it stated.

Pang Students Union expressed its sorrow stating, “The whole Pang Village is grieving.” Late Supou belonged to Pang Village.

PSU further appealed to the citizens and leaders to change their outlooks, to correct each other rather than resorting to violence and bloodshed. The union urged not to let this incident repeat.

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