Konyak community in Kohima celebrates Aoleang festival at Kisama village

Kisama: Minister for Tourism and Higher Education Temjen Imna Along graced the celebration

BY | Tuesday, 4 April, 2023

The Konyak Naga Tribe residing in Kohima celebrated it’s premier festival “Aoleang” organised by the Konyak Union Kohima (KUK) and hosted by Mopong Hongkong Union Kohima today, here at the Heritage Village, Kisama.

Aoleang is the main festival of the Konyaks from northern Nagaland and is celebrated in the first week of April every year with much pomp and fervour. This year, it is being celebrated from 1-6 April.

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It is observed after the time of sowing seeds in new fields. Aoleang celebrations also mark the end of the current year and welcoming the new year with the spring season. It is the time to pray for a bountiful harvest of crops in the current year. Each day of the festival has its own significance, customs, rituals, and merry making. It is a festival of sharing and forging ahead with renewed vigour into the coming year.

This festival also showcases the rich cultural heritage, with indigenous dances, songs and games combined with modern music talents of the district. It aims to develop relationships between the government and the people, bridging the communication gap, promoting peace, culture and progress.

Nagaland Minister for Tourism and Higher Education, Temjen Imna Along.

Gracing the festival, Minister for Tourism and Higher Education Temjen Imna Along stressing on the importance of inclusivity of the Naga people said that the younger generations of the Nagas want to live as united Nagas and that the generations that practice divisive politics and works to divide the Naga people are gone.

Stating this Along said, “Our respective culture might be different, our way, we do and think maybe different, the way your taste buds and my taste buds might be different but we are one people.”

He lamented that Aoleang festival is not just a festival of the Konyak tribe, but it is a festival of all the Nagas and appealed the Nagas to look forward for a united Nagaland, for an inclusive Nagaland and for the journey together not exclusively but inclusively to build each other, help each other, advise each other and commit for each other.

Mentioning that he has been following the Aoleang festival, he appreciated the Konyaks for their unity and their open hearts by allowing others to participate in the Aoleang festival.

Along also stressed on the need to aspire for togetherness and not exclusively and added that this Aoleang festival should take the message of inclusivity and togetherness to the Konyaks, the ENPO and among the Nagas as a whole.

“We should work together as one by not bringing any hate or ‘ism’. Today, we have the chance and the privilege to aspire for our works to aspire for a developed Nagaland, to aspire for a beautiful and prosperous Nagaland and which will include all tribes of Nagaland,” added Along.

Further he said, “Today, be it in political, under the leadership of Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio we are always trying to walk towards inclusively and just like that the youngsters should walk towards the path of inclusivity.”


R. Tsapikiu Sangtam, President, Eastern Nagaland Peoples Organization (ENPO).

Meanwhile, pointing that Naga today is living in an ‘ism’ era where the presence of ‘ism’ can be found in every place, Special Invitee R. Tsapikiu Sangtam, President, Eastern Nagaland Peoples Organization (ENPO), called on the people to maintain peace, tranquility and to co-exist as one.

“Nepotism, bias attitude, selfishness and self-centredness is everywhere” added Sangtam.

Mentioning that the birthing of ‘ism’ in Naga mind needs to be stopped, Sangtam said, “We were inside the fence on our own, haunting the outsiders but today we are living in a global village.”

Highlighting the significance of the festival Sangtam said, “Earlier we used to worship, feed best food and drinks to the god made of stone and wood and for a very long time we have believed in getting blessings from head hunting but with time and generations we no longer practise the same practices” but seek forgiveness and blessings not for one but for all.

Further, expressing his gratitude he said, Konyaks are one of the biggest tribes of the state and called upon the tribe to continually co-exist as a good partner and a tribe.

Earlier, cultural troupes from Mon Circle, Chen Area and Tobu area presented cultural folk songs and dances. MLA A. Nyamnyei Konyak spoke on the significance of Aoleang.

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