KSU and TPO condemns Noklak murder incident

BY | Saturday, 1 June, 2024

The Khiamniungan Students’ Union, Noklak has condemned the violence perpetrated against Hasnul Haque and Magmul Laskar on May 28 in Noklak, instigated by the misguided actions of individual under the influence of Rashal which led to the death of Hasnul Haque who succumbed to his injuries.

“The wanton assault inflicted upon these individuals constitutes a grave infringement upon the inviolable rights to life and security of the person, profoundly affecting their families, associates, and the broader community,” stated the KSU.

The Khiamniungan Students’ Union has urged law enforcement authorities to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation to ensure that all responsible parties are held accountable for their actions. The Union also expressed its trust that the judicial pronouncement affords some modicum of solace and closure to the bereaved family of the deceased, while also extending heartfelt wishes for the expeditious recovery of Magmul Laskar and his kin.

“As society progresses, it behooves us to commemorate the memory of the deceased by steadfastly upholding the tenets of justice, equity, and reverence for human dignity. The adjudication and action of all implicated parties will serve as a resolute affirmation of societal abhorrence towards such transgressions. The Khiamniungan Students’ Union stands steadfast in solidarity with the aggrieved parties during this trying juncture, advocating for the expeditious dispensation of justice and the implementation of proactive measures to forestall any recurrence of such reprehensible acts in the future,” expressed the KSU.

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The Thang Public Organisation has also condemned the senseless act committed by the five accused namely Bumo, Lungoi, Khomong, Shing and Bilal Ahmed, leading to the alleged murder of Hasnul Haque and severely injuring Magmul Laskar under Noklak Village jurisdiction, instigated by Rashal on the pretext of having performed black magic.

“The despicable incident has greatly disturbed the harmony between the different communities under Noklak district and brought dishonor to the village and the tribe at large. Hence, the organization fervently call upon the competent authorities to uphold the law befitting the crime committed,” stated the TPO.

The organisation also offered Its heartfelt condolence and expressed solidarity with the bereaved family and their demand for timely justice.

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