NCSU asks members to be well equipped to assist public in emergency situations

Kohima: Union pledges its full support to government whenever needed

BY | Monday, 7 August, 2023

The Nagaland Contractors’ and Suppliers Union (NCSU) has urged all its members to be equipped with building materials to step up and assist the public in emergency situations caused during the monsoon season.

“The union believes that it is important not to solely rely on the government during these challenging times,” Pele Khezhie, President of NCSU said in a statement on Monday. He also stated that it is crucial for the contractors to be “ready with our equipment, actively monitoring and assessing risky areas, and taking necessary measures to prevent or mitigate potential hazards.”

He added that by being prepared and proactive, NCSU can contribute to the safety and well-being of the public and help alleviate the difficulties they face during this challenging time.

Mentioning that the season has already caused inconveniences and life taking tragedies, Khezhie asserted that it is important for contractors to give their best efforts so that such incidences can be prevented.

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NCSU also expressed its gratitude towards the Roads and Building Departments, Minister of Roads and Bridges G. Kaito Aye, Commissioner and Secretary to Chief Minister, Works and Housing Kesonyü Yhome, Deputy Chief Minister TR Zeliang, and NHIDCL Executive Director (Nagaland) Amarendra Narayan Singh for meeting the union on various occasions, providing full spport in addressing their grievances and listening to their concerns. “This demonstrates the government’s concern and support for the union,” NCSU said.

In return, union pledged its full support to the government whenever needed and maintained that the mutual cooperation and collaboration will contribute to the betterment of the state and its people.

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