Poanglüm Festival: Chang Khulei Setshang and Sumi Hoho sign Lamshok (Peace Treaty), reaffirm brotherhood

Tuensang: Advisor Tovihoto urges Tuensang to protect and promote brotherhood for others to follow.

BY | Friday, 12 January, 2024

The Chang Khulei Setshang and Sumi Hoho signed “Lamshok” or Peace Treaty on the second day of the Poanglüm Mini Hornbill Festival at Tuensang’s Parade Ground on Friday in the presence of Advisor Tribal Affairs and Election, H. Tovihoto Ayemi and MLA Imtichoba Chang. The festival is being organised by Chang Khulei Setshang under the theme “Shensinge” (Our Cultural Identity).

Addressing the gathering, Ayemi hailed the historical and significant hailed the signing of Lamshok, reaffirming peace and brotherhood between the Chang and the Sumi communities. The Advisor urged both communities to adhere to it not just in words but in action.

Ayemi said that Tuensang being one of the oldest headquarters in the State where different tribes come together and live in unity, the place should protect and promote brotherhood for others to follow.


Further, the Advisor said that the district has a potential to be a tourist hotspot due of its history and natural beauty and also called on the gathering to promote local products, especially millet, where Tuensang has a high productivity.

MLA and Chairman DPDB, Tuensang, Imtichoba Chang, was the host of the function on the second day of Poanglüm Mini Hornbill Festival. In his short speech he conveyed Poanglüm greetings to all.

Imtichoba remarked that the singing of the Peace Treaty was like the official marriage of the two communities and assured that he, as a Chang, will be first to stand with the Sumis whenever such a situation arises.

Sumi Hoho President, Nikheto Zhimomi, in his speech, said that Poanglüm 2024 is an extra-ordinary celebration among the two brothers, the Chang and the Sumi. He said that with the reaffirmation of the people, this friendship stay strong in coming days.

The other highlights of the function were Chisok Lamshok by K Khel, Tuensang Village, Jongli Chia from Nakshou Village, short speeches from President of CKS and Sumi Hoho, and Folk Fusion from Sumi Tribe.

The program was followed by a game of tug of war, traditional rice pounding, fire making and stilt bamboo race competition.

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