Results of Day 2 of 35th Mokokchung District Badminton Open Championship 2023

Mokokchung: 76 players are participating in 27 categories in the tournament

BY | Saturday, 1 July, 2023

The result of the semi-final matches that took place on Day 2 of the ongoing 35th Mokokchung District Badminton Open Championship 2023 at Indoor Badminton Stadium, Mokokchung are as follows –

Junior Boys Doubles Semi-final: Pursungit and Kinren won against Sungjemmoa and Tiakaba: 21-8, 21-14

U-17 Boys Doubles: Alichang and Sentiyatet beat Imnatemsu and Sunglem: 21-3, 21-3

Girls Doubles: Watinaro and Yapangjungla defeated by Mepulila and Yashikala: 11-21, 21-18, 19-21

U-15 Boys Doubles Round Robin: Tiamoa aser Meralong lost to Wacha and Wabongsen: 9-21, 15-21

U-11 Boys Doubles: Chubamangyang and Imtinungsang defeated Sentiyanger and Supongnukshi: 21-19, 12- 21, 21-16

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Boys Singles: Merensoba lost to Imtilong: 16-21, 14-21

Junior Girls Singles: Sunepbenla won against Arenchila: 21-13, 21-8

Junior Girls Singles: Watisungla beat Yalimenla: 21-12, 21-15

Junior Boys Singles Semi-final: Kinren beaten by Pursungit: 12-21, 19-21

U-17 Boys Singles: Pursanen defeated by Sentiyatet: 12-21, 16-21

U-17 Boys Singles: Alichang beat Imlitongzuk: 21-14, 21-16

U-15 Boys Singles: Arkutong lost to Thuzi: 13-21, 21-16, 16-21

U-15 Boys Singles: Wacha defeated Meralong: 18-21, 21-10, 21-15

U-13 Boys Singles: Shisasunep Won against Imkongnochet: 16-21, 21-18, 21-11

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U-13 Boys Singles: Imchalong won against Aowalu: 21-5, 21-7

U-9 Boys Singles: Temsumanen lost to Lenjener: 4-21, 4-21

U-9 Boys Singles: Moatangit beat Idongvi: 21-3, 21-8

U-11 Girls Singles: Molungnenla beat Wangshirenla: 21-5, 21-5

U-11 Girls Singles: Wapangienla won against Fiona: 21-15, 21-7

U-11 Boys Singles: Imtinungsang won against Chubamangyang: 21-17, 21-18

U-17 Boys Singles: Thuzi Abraham lost to Sentiyatet: 15-21, 18-21

U-11 Boys Singles: Supongnukshi beat Sentiyanger: 21-10, 21-12

Junior Boys Singles Semi-final: Pangmaren beat Aokumzuk: 21-10, 21-11

The 35th Mokokchung District Badminton Open Championship 2023 is being organized by the Mokokchung District Badminton Association (MDBA) and 76 players are participating in 27 categories.

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