Saksi Evolution band from Tuensang to release Father’s Day song “Mubu Bou” today


BY | Friday, 14 June, 2024

The ‘’Saksi Evolution’’ is a Tuensang based band of a prodigious group of youngsters. A popular in Tuensang, mainly focusing in the gospel genre, the band’a unique style of performing songs has created a buzz in Saksi Tuensang. Since their formation in 2015 with the vocalist Sanglee Huang, Guitarist Daniel, Bassist Hongsalemba, Drummer Sipong, the band has performed in various special events and also secured the first runner up position at the Gospel Beat Contest in 2018.

Speaking to Nagaland Tribune, the band shared their struggles as a band in a small town where the members were pursuing their own work and studies with some pursuing outside the state.

Since lately, the band members are all out of station and could not come together, resulting to release the song as a project band however they are hoping for  good opportunity in future the band members will be together with more strength and skills and  make their dream come true”

This Father’s Day 2024, the band will be releasing a new song called ‘MUBU BOU’ meaning ‘worthy father’ on June 14 at 6 P.M. Originally composed by the band members in Chang dialect, the song talks about the unconditional love of a father.

Refering to the Bible verse 1 John 3:1 which says, “We should be called the son’s of God”, likewise the song conveys the message to father and thanking God for blessing an ideal father.

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“The song also talks about how a father sacrifices his life and everything just for his children. The love of a father is immeasurable. In the bridge, it says “Saviour, you be the father for the parentless children” and the fact that everyone of us will leave this world one day, let’s be prepared to meet in heaven,” stated the band.

With the changing times, the Band acknowledges the growth of music industry even in Nagaland having witnessed many of the concerts and music programs on big occasions such as the Hornbill Festival.

In the backdrop of music expansion and presence of talented artists, the band suggests that the Government initiates institutions to promote music and art in the state. “Today the young are talented and well gifted in skills. By establishing those kinds of colleges and institutions, it can really change the atmosphere of unemployment problems through music,” opines the band.

They also encouraged young musicians to pursue music as a career as they believe “music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic language.” The band also viewes that music promotes creative thinking and elevates anxiety as it helps to express and process complex emotions in one’s life.

“So as a musician, one should able to make people to change life and come back to Christ,” the band asserts.

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