Shamator celebrates Medümnyo Festival

Shamator: Deputy Commissioner Thsuvisie Phoji attends Medümnyo Festival as special guest

BY | Monday, 8 August, 2022

Thousands of Shamatorians- the residents of the new district celebrated Medümnyo Festival with Deputy Commissioner Shamator, Thsuvisie Phoji as the special guest at Local Ground, Shamator. The Festival was organized by Thüneo (Festival) Committee Shamator Town. The festival was also graced by SP Shamator, Amit Kumar IPS, and a host of officials. Yanba Showuba hosted the programme while the festival blessings and Medümnyo greetings was delivered by President YTC, S. Throngso.

Meanwhile, Kuthur Village also celebrated Medümnyo with Zungkum Chang as the special guest.



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