Story behind the Lake and the Cross in Sipongsang Village under Tuensang District


BY | Monday, 17 June, 2024

According to Chang folklore, there was a man Sipongchu who was considered a mighty warrior in the Chang community. Sipongchu is said to have established the small village called Sipongsang and was the earliest settler of this place. Deeply inspired by the view of the lake, the Warrior decided to clear the forest which is known as “Mut” meaning human and “Lang kidebu sidang” the surviving lake believed to be human.

Shaped like a human head , the lake is a body of water surrounded by land, mountain, and forests. Measuring approximately about 600 meters long and 200 meters wide, various wildlife come to the lake to drink water. Located in a dense area, ancestors considered it sacred to visit the lake. The ancestors also held the strong belief that through this lake many good leaders, educator and the most beautiful young men and women will emerge.

Today this lake has become a good resource for surviving human life, for the upcoming generation where people come and visit this lake.

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The Cross

A big white cross has been established on the top of the mountain and this cross is considered as one of the biggest cross in the Tuensang District. The mountain top here provides a scenic view of many native villages including Saramati mountain.

The cross was built to mark the last Chang Baptist Youth Endeavour (CBYE) Convention in Sipongsang village. Anamong Chang, Principal of Weshen Theological Collage, mentions that the construction of the cross of CBYE began in the year 1971 and completed in 2019. It marked the culmination at Sipongsang village, and in dedication to the Chang youths. The cross constructed is 15 ft high and erected on a hill top at 7000 ft above the sea level and about 2kms away from the village.

Dedicated to the chang youth, the construction of the cross is also deeply rooted in Christian beliefs which hopes to remind people of Christ at the sight of the Cross.  Locals also mentions that many people visits the cross to renew their life in Christ.

With insights provided by Elem Chang, Head GB of Sipongsang village and Moses Chang, Pastor of Sipongsang village

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