Sunset session Mini 0.1 by Dandelion management held in Tuensang


BY | Saturday, 6 July, 2024

The Dandelion management held a sunset session on Friday evening at Work Restaurant, Tuensang.

Optemetrist Dr.Tochi Imlong who is also serving as the President of Tuensang village Students Union, spoke during the event. “Management team is all about promoting enthusiastic artists who are trying to find a platform to enjoy and perform. We are a group of individuals solely look up to planting the seeds of music and it’s branches towards our people and everyday we are evoking to be the pavement for many artists,” said Dr. Imlong.

He expressed belief that a small push of an event will certainly reach out to new individual.

Encouraging the young artists, Dr. Imlong said that music is not just a source of entertainment but also a chain of emotions that connects each other.

The organizers, Dandelion management, shared that the Sunset session has been held to motivate and bring the beautiful culture of music; to promote each other and sowing the seeds of music culture that might have been neglected and not practiced.

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“We want the branch of music to connect us to each other and build a strong foundation of our own. It’s pretty much just the name itself, usually gigs and gig culture has always been better to listen to in the evening after sunset and to bring it alive. In times of darkness, music always seems to be the best choice as it brings joy in bad times and mini versions of the sunset is the end epilogue to life which is met with music,” mentioned the organizers.

The artists line up for the evening were TM kaangzz, Pencil and Compass, Yenten Ongbou and Yemkhong Somba.



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