The return of PaperSky – Indie Grunge Rock band from Dimapur

Dimapur: Band to make comeback on 23 Sep at 2nd Nagaland Photography Festival at Mandeville Garden in Purana Bazaar

BY | Friday, 22 September, 2023

Known for their “distinctive sound that merges raw passion with musical fitness”, PaperSky, an Indie Grunge band from Dimapur was formed in 2013. The band however underwent a very long hiatus from the music scene after 2016, making a comeback in the year 2018 and performing their debut gig at the Thuwuni music festival in November.

Announcing its comeback to Nagaland Tribune, PaperSky is returning “armed with new melodies and a steadfast commitment to their craft”.

“When we took our hiatus. It wasn’t a goodbye but a promise to return with something that truly encapsulates our growth and evolution as artists,” said the Band speaking to the Nagaland Tribune. The Band is back with the new lineup with; Jongma H Ungh on vocal, Jungshi as the Bassist, Bendang as the Drummer and Nungsang on the guitar.

The band’s break since 2020 has only heightened the anticipation for their return, and now, with fresh tracks in their arsenal, PaperSky is prepared to rekindle their musical journey.

“We are excited to share that we have released two songs so far: ‘Lullaby and ‘Stay’. It’s incredibly gratifying to see crowds singing along to our songs during performance,” says the Band

Through their music, the Band delves into realities of the world that we live in today, touching on the pain and struggles that every individual faces. They also aspire to be “the voice for those who often go unheard”.

While musicians in Nagaland lament the lack of platforms and opportunities, PaperSky believe that “it’s not a valid excuse”. “To truly achieve one’s goals, one must be willing to face challenges head-on. And our band members are fully committed to pursuing music as a full-time career. We are trying our best to overcome what comes on our way,” reflects PaperSky.

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As they step back into the limelight, PaperSky says it is not merely returning, but making a statement. “This resurgence is a proclamation of our unwavering dedication to music, marking the beginning of a chapter that promises not only exceptional sounds but a lasting presence,” says the Band. With a new found vigour, PaperSky aims to imprint their name deeper into the annals of rock history.


*First runners up at Shirock, 2019

*Winner of the Reliance Trends project play: Northeast Battle of the bands at the Drift festival, 2019

* Awarded the most promising Nagaland band at the Hornbill International Rock Contest, 2014

*Winner of the first Battle of the bands contest Nagaland, 2014

*Second Runners up at the ‘Music for Zone’ A Red Ribbon Superstar Campaign, 2013

The band also performed in various events like the Nirvana tribute concert, Hard Rock Café Hyderabad, Hornbill International Music Festival, Thuwuni festival, World Music Festival Day, Kohima.

The band will be performing on September 23 at the 2nd Nagaland Photography Festival, at Mandeville Garden in Purana Bazaar, Dimapur. Stay tuned as PaperSky’s re-entry unfolds, with an array of captivating new releases and potential live performances on the horizon.

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