There is no hidden agenda: ENPO urges Nagaland govt, Naga CSOs to support its endeavour

Tuensang: ENPO President assets that it will not change its stance on boycotting LS elections

BY | Monday, 11 March, 2024

Eastern Nagaland Public Organization (ENPO) has asserted that “there is no hidden agenda” in its endeavour for Frontier Nagaland Territory (FNT). Addressing the media persons at CSK Hall, Tuensang Headquarter on Monday, ENPO President Tsapikiu Sangtam refuted speculations that ENPO leaders have made secret arrangements with the Government of India and maintained that the Organisation has been transparent about its agenda from day one and that everybody, young and old, is aware of all the arrangements.

Sangtam therefore urged the State Government, political parties and Naga civil society organisations (CSOs) to reconsider ENPO’s demand for FNT and support the people of Eastern Nagaland in its ongoing struggle. He assured that the organisation does not intend the break the Naga society, create hurdles in the Naga political talks with GoI or disrupt the State and Central governments.

We are only asking that we be given a separate small kitchen, the ENPO President stated. He added that the people of Eastern Nagaland are not infringing on other’s boundaries and rights but only asking for a feasible and sustainable deal.

Sangtam stressed that if the Naga society steps up to cooperate and back ENPO “it will be a blessing for not just ENPO but the whole Naga society.” That way we can maintain unity, tranquillity and peace, he said.

Sangtam clarified that FNT was not demanded by ENPO but was offered to it by the Government of India.

On its decision to boycott the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, Sangtam reaffirmed that Eastern Nagaland will not participate in the elections unless Centre keeps its word and establish FNT. He reminded how ENPO withdrew its decision to boycott the State Assembly elections that was conducted in February 2023 because the Union Home Minister Amit Shah had given a written assurance and even promised in person that FNT will be formed after the elections.

However, Sangtam asserted that this time, it will not bargain on its resolution and that ‘assurances’ will not make ENPO change its stance. Unless the Memorandum of Settlement is signed before the Code of Conduct is declared, we will not participate in the election, he stated.

Further, the ENPO President announced that the agitation will be intensified with every delay. He regretted that the ‘Public Emergency’ is causing difficulties for the public but maintained that there is no other way to make the government hear its grievances.

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