Total curfew in Tengnoupal; KIT condemns alleged firing by Meitei Commandos

BY and | Tuesday, 16 January, 2024

The District Magistrate of Tengnoupal has issued a total curfew over the whole area of Tengnoupal District from 12:00 AM of January 16.

The order Issued yesterday, comes following inputs on ‘breach of peace, disturbance of public tranquility and grave danger to human lives and property within the revenue jurisdiction of Tengnoupal District’.

Since December 30, 2023, the District Magistrate had issued prohibitory order under Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 for restriction of the movement of any person outside their respective residences. However, a curfew relaxation order was issued on January 14, 2024 to facilitate the general public to purchase the essential items including medicines and food items.

The curfew relaxation has since been cancelled.

The order will not apply to the agencies of the Government involved in the enforcement of law and order and maintenance of essential services.

Kuki Inpi Tengnoupal condemns

Meanwhile, the Kuki Inpi Tengnoupal (KIT)has condemned the firing of live bullets by Meitei commandos towards womenfolk at Chikim village, Moreh today, January 16. In a press statement issued by its media cell, the KIT stated that the Kuki-Zo womenfolk were peacefully protesting against the proposed commando outpost at Chikim village, Moreh as there is already central forces in Chikim village.

Much against the wish of the public, the Assam Rifles and state forces opened the new outpost which is less than 20 meters distance from an existing BSF camp.

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“While the womenfolk were politely asking the Assam Rifles not to get involved, the combined team of Meitei militants and Arambai Tenggols wearing police commando uniforms rushed in and fired several live bullets aiming at the women. Some women sustained bullet injuries. The Meitei Arambai militants donning police commando uniform abducted two members of the Kuki Inpi Tengnoupal district who were simply present to pacify the situation,” stated the KIT. It further emphasised that resorting to such act of violence and intimidation towards women and abducting public leaders is a gross violation of basic fundamental rights.

The KIT further condemned the NELive channel for, what it alleged, reporting “baseless news blaming the two KIT members as the main accused in SDPO Anand case”. It accused the News channel of broadcasting incorrect and concocted information. “Several Meitei social media posts deliberately tried to tarnish the image of Mr Philip K Khongsai that has gone viral. KIT and all others who has knowledge of the ground realities already clarified that Mr Philip K Khongsai had no connection with the case of SDPO Anand,” claimed the KIT.

Therefore, the KIT has urged the District Administration (DC) and Superintendent of Police (SP) to release its two apprehended members without any condition and harm. “Any attempt to implicate them with the SDPO killing case and for that matter, any attempt to transport them to Imphal will invite serious consequences. The District Administration as well as the District SP will be solely responsible for any outcome,” asserted the KIT.

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