Up-close with Noklak’s girl band ‘Hermanas’ on World Music Day 2023

Up-close with Noklak’s girl band ‘Hermanas’ on World Music Day 2023

BY | Wednesday, 21 June, 2023

Hermanas is a girl band with young members between the ages of 16-18 that is set to give the listeners a taste of beauty, love, and oneness through its music. The band comprises talented and promising musicians who started with a humble and simple beginning and strive to live as an inspiration to young people in remote areas. Nagaland Tribune had a conversation with Hermanas, and this is what they had to say.

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NT: Tell us about the Band and also please introduce yourselves.

Hermanas: Hermanas is an exclusively female band based in Noklak, Nagaland, formed in the year 2018 under the motto: “Towards Perfection.”

The Band lineup:

Lengniu C – Lead Vocalist & Guitar

Lumo – Backing Vocalist

Chongtie Lamthio – Bassist

Lumo Lam – Drummer

Founder Director & Manager – Pongkhao

NT: What inspired you to form the Hermanas Band? When, where, and how did you start performing as a band?

Hermanas: Initially, we never thought of forming a band, but gradually we got inspired by our brothers (Frolic Band Noklak), the oldest band in our area. The way they sing and perform in every special occasion, we are motivated and pushed forward through their support and encouragement.

The band was born on 5th October 2018 during the Mini Hornbill cum Tsokum Festival at Noklak HQ, where the band performed 2 cover songs for the first time on stage: “Everyday is a New Day” & “You’re my Best Friend.”

 NT: What is the meaning behind the name ‘Hermanas’? Why did you choose this name?

Hermanas: The word “Hermanas” is a Spanish word for Sisters. We chose it as the name itself is appealing to our ears and relevant to us as we consider ourselves Sisters more than friends.

NT: Can you tell us about the original songs that you are working on? What genre is the song? What is the song about? What message do you want to convey to the listeners? When will the songs be released?

Hermanas: Currently, we are working on our original song called “One breath, One life.” It’s a folk fusion. The song is all about beauty, love, and oneness. It conveys the message to all the listeners to live in peace and harmony by letting go of our past and striving for the best to reach the highest goal with a bountiful smile on our faces.

The song is likely to be released in the first week of July.

NT: How far have you come as a band thus far? Any performances on bigger stages?

Hermanas: It has been 5 years since the formation of the band. Yes, we are humbled and honoured to have performed in events such as Miss Kohima 2022, Miss Khiamniungan 2023, General Conference of Khiamniungan Students’ Union 2021 and 2023.

The experience at Miss Kohima was nerve-wracking and exciting. It was a nice experience.

 NT: What is your biggest struggle/challenge as a band? How do you cope with those struggles?

Hermanas: The biggest struggle/challenge as a band is time management. As we are all students, we lack the ability to manage time since we are staying at different places for our studies, and so we usually don’t get time for group practices.

But fortunately, this year we have decided to stay in Dimapur and pursue our studies and perform together whenever we get an opportunity.

We usually cope with those issues either great or small by having a mutual agreement and rescheduling to our convenient time.

NT: It is very rare to see a girl band in Nagaland, so what is so unique about Hermanas band? How do you see your band in ten years?

Hermanas: If we are to talk about the uniqueness about our band, we are unstoppable, never giving up, supporting each other, the interest and the hard work we put in which always keeps us move forward and the unique thing about our band is the unity among ourselves. And yes, it is unique as there is no such girl band in our place or hometown, Noklak.

We are looking forward for more opportunities, gigs, recognition and well set up in the next ten years to inspire many young people especially in the remote areas.

NT: What is a day like in your lives as band members?

Hermanas: Being a band member is fantastic. It cheers up our days and lives.

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