Will always support ENPO people physically and mentally: Outgoing ENPO President Tsapikiu Sangtam

Tuensang: Positive response from govt will make ENPO people very grateful without any hurt feelings, Tsapikiu Sangtam

BY | Thursday, 4 July, 2024

On the last day of the General Session of Eastern Nagaland People’s Organisation (ENPO) in Tuensang, a short program was organised for the outgoing President, Tsapikiu Sangtam. In his speech, the Sangtam stated that though his tenure has ended, he will always support the ENPO people physically and mentally.

He congratulated the newly appointed members led by President Chingmak Chang and requested his colleagues to co-operate with the new members and guide them. The outgoing President stressed the importance of team work and expressed gratitude to his team for supporting him in every way. “Changing the president is not the issue but it is all about how we can come together, work, maintain the cooperation and being able to achieve together is more important”, he stated.

Sangtam said that Chingmak Chang, who has earlier served as president, is a well experienced leader and hoped that the issues concerning the ENPO will be solved during his tenure. “I know that the public has cooperated with him and if it goes on the same then I think whether even A or B comes, nothing can shake but to reach the destination”, he stated.

Tsapikiu Sangtam assured that he will always be behind the newly elected representative of ENPO.

He mentioned that the resolution to abstain from the Lok Sabha and the ULB elections was a success because of the cooperation of the public. He said that though the non-participation did not bring big victory but has conveyed the resentment of the people of Eastern Nagaland to the State and Central Government that the demand of the ENPO should be fulfilled as promised by the Home Minister.

ENPO is waiting for the positive response from the government as earliest without any delay then the ENPO people will be very grateful without any hurt feelings, Tsapikiu Sangtam added and encouraged the people to continuously support the new representatives with unity for the success of Frontier Nagaland Territory (FNT).

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