Wokha DPDB Meeting Emphasizes Developmental Strategies and Urgent Health Concerns

Wokha: Discussions also centered around the status of the Comprehensive Health Management Information System (CHMIS) in the Wokha district

BY | Friday, 18 August, 2023

The Deputy Commissioner Conference Hall in Wokha witnessed the convening of the monthly District Planning and Development Board (DPDB) meeting. Chaired by Ajit Kumar Ranjan IAS, Deputy Commissioner & Vice Chairman of DPDB Wokha, the meeting took place on August 18, 2023, DIPR stated.

The session commenced with the introduction of new DPDB members, which included notable figures such as Project Director DRDA Narola Imsong, Assistant Mechanical Engineer Er. Renpithung Z Murry, and Sub-Divisional Officer (Housing) Er. Kikrosal Mekhro.

A thorough review of the minutes from the preceding meeting was conducted, during which the Deputy Commissioner directed attention to departments that were yet to submit action plans and detailed reports for the four aspirational villages within Wokha district. The urgency to submit these reports promptly was emphasized.

As the December 2023 50th Golden Jubilee celebration approaches, committee members were apprised of the formation of committees dedicated to the event’s success. The Deputy Commissioner also communicated that specific tasks would be assigned to various departments, underscoring the need for cooperation to ensure the jubilee’s triumph.

Deliberations also revolved around the status of the Comprehensive Health Management Information System (CHMIS) within Wokha district. The Deputy Commissioner accentuated the importance of expanding CHMIS coverage to achieve a full 100%. A call to action was made, urging all departments to intensify their efforts towards this target.

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The district’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Zuben Kikon, brought attention to the pressing DENGUE situation. In Wokha, there were 10 reported positive cases, with 9 originating from the Merapani area and 1 from Wokha town, among 52 tested cases. The Deputy Commissioner urged the Medical department to amplify testing rates and ensure sufficient stocks of medicines and essentials for preventive measures.

Concluding the meeting, the Deputy Commissioner reemphasized the significance of regular attendance at DPDB meetings. He emphasized that absences without prior leave would be regarded seriously.

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