AI a disruption but don’t overreact to fear narrative on potential human job loss: Rajeev Chandrasekhar

Pune: Govt to ban games that involve betting, that cause harm to users and that are addictive

BY | Tuesday, 13 June, 2023
Union minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar at the third G20 Digital Economy Working Group Meeting in Pune

Union minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar on Monday said one should not “overreact” to the narrative of fear about the potential job loss due to generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), which he acknowledged as a disruption.

He was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the third G20 Digital Economy Working Group Meeting here in Maharashtra.

Queried on cases related to alleged religious conversion via online games, the minister said the government has already notified a framework after a discussion which decided not to allow three types of games.

“We should not overact to this fear narrative of (losing) jobs. Let’s wait and see. AI is certainly a disruption,” the Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology said.

“I had said in my speech today and the Government of India had repeatedly stated, our Prime Minister had stated that the partnership of countries in one future alliance around Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) is harnessing the good of technology,” he told PTI while responding to a query on AI dominating the tech world and the possibility of taking away human jobs as well as how the government’s plan to regulate AI.

The partnership of countries also deals with the issues of harm, criminality, and cybersecurity.

“The model of partnership is not only good for innovation but also to address the issues of global regulation,” he said.

When asked about how India’s digital success story will help global south countries, the minister said India is a clear case study of how in the last nine years, the political leadership and the Prime Minister have used technology to transform governance and human lives.

“This has been studied by, observed by almost every country that for many years we had to stay away from digitalisation benefits because of cost and other barriers. PM Modi during the G20 presidency has made it clear that India’s STACK, India’s overall digital capabilities will be made available to any country interested in advancing its own digitization.

“We will do it in a manner which is an open source platform with no ownership and we will create a framework or partnership for today’s DPI and the future of DPI under one future alliance,” he said.

On cases of alleged religious conversion through online games, the minister said, “The government has already notified a framework after a discussion in which it has been decided that we will not allow three types of games.

“First is betting, second is the games that cause harm to users while the third category is the games that are addictive (in nature). Based on these three criteria, if any game violates norms, it will be banned in India. We are actively looking into this issue,” he said.

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