Allottees of land at Peren’s model township given time till 31st Dec 24’ to begin construction or lose allotment

Peren: DC says several individuals willing to start constructing immediately if allotment were given to them

BY | Thursday, 11 July, 2024
(PC: Wisely Woven/ Unsplash)

The allottees of land at the proposed model township in Peren Head Quarter have been informed to begin construction activity in the lands allotted to them by 31st December 2024 or risk the cancellation of their allotments.

Deputy Commissioner, Peren, Vineet Kumar, IAS, has stated that even after lapse of sufficient time, construction has not begun at several lands allotted to private individuals who were given lands for the purpose of developing the area and increase settlement and population in the area. According to DIPR, the DC has said that that several individuals have expressed willingness and has given their commitment to start constructing immediately, if allotment were given to them.

In April 2023, Peren DPDB decided to cancel allotment to individuals who could not start construction even after the given date 30th December 2023 as deadline for cancellation of allotment which was subsequently extended till 31st March 2024.

The Deputy Commissioner informed that the matter was again discussed during DPDB meeting on 14th June 2024 and in pursuance of the DPDB resolution, the date before which construction activity shall be started by the allottees has been extended till 31st December 2024 after which cancellation of allotment will be carried out and informed all the concerned to comply with this information.

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