CBCMHK celebrates Father’s Day 2023, conducts folk song competition

Kohima: Speaker urges fathers to do their best in roles entrusted to them

BY | Sunday, 18 June, 2023
Fathers from Old Ministers' Hill and Porterlane colonies presenting a folk song at CBMHK during the Father’s Day competition

The Chakhesang Baptist Church Ministers’ Hill Kohima (CBCMHK) celebrated Father’s Day with Husazu Epao, retired Principal of Patkai Christian College, speaking on the theme ‘As for me and my household’.

CBCMHK stated in a press release that Epao expounded on what the Bible says about fatherhood, who God chose to be a father and why. As fathers, there are a lot of responsibilities in the world and one needs a deeper understanding of the Bible, he said, adding that society has become selfish because they don’t read the Bible.

‘Man, though a sinner, remains important before God and that is why he sent his one and only son Jesus Christ to save us. Even if people say you are hopeless or useless, you are something before God because he bought you with the price of Jesus’ blood. All must know that man is important,’ Epao said.

He further told the gathered fathers that God will take into account their sons and daughters one day and urged them to do their best in the roles entrusted to them.

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CBCMHK also conducted a folk song competition for fathers on the occasion. A total of 10 groups from different colonies participated in the folk song competitions, the Media and Publicity Committee informed.

The first place was bagged by Old Ministers’ Hill and Porterlane colonies while Lerie, NST, and New Reserve colonies won the second place and New Ministers’ Hill won third place.

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