Councillor of Kohima’s Ward 15, Ketousie Khamo, commits to work for betterment of colony

Kohima: Successful conduct of ULB elections one of the biggest achievements of 14th NLA this season: Advisor Kudecho Khamo

BY | Tuesday, 9 July, 2024

Ketousie Khamo, the elected councillor for Ward 15 under Kohima Municipal Council, today also thanked the colony for loving him and supporting him and committed to work together to reach greater heights and walk together in faith for betterment of the colony. “This is the beginning of a new chapter,” he remarked.

Speaking at his Thanksgiving Programme at Kohima today, Khamo credited his victory to God and also the colony, his friends’ and family’s blessings.

The Councillor from the NDPP thanked Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio and his colleagues for trusting him with the party ticket and said that despite of his flaws they believed and supported him. Khamo also said that he hopes and prays that he will be able to live up to the expectations of his party leaders and work for the betterment of the colony.

Keducho Khamo, Advisor CAWD and Taxes, stated that the successful conduct of the Urban Local body elections is one of the biggest achievements of the 14th Nagaland Assembly this season. He appealed the people to support the government and to drive for “Development for Peace and Peace for Development.”

The Advisor further said that the ULB election had made clear on people’s mandate for the NDPP leadership stating that that NDPP was established to protect and promote the Naga culture and identity and to protect our religion, to work for the betterment of the Naga community. He said that the party stands for policy of meritocratic, building the future of the youth, open way for entrepreneurship.

Further, Kudecho Khamo mentioned that the KMC now has more bigger role to play so “we have to open our city with open mind and promote peace”.

Prasielie Pienyü, President, NDPP Kohima Region, said that he was happy to see that the Councillor had agreed to work in understanding and cohesion with the other candidate who backed down to let Khamo win uncontested. He said that Ketousie Khamo was now an elected leader who can be trusted so people can rely on him for change and hope that Khamo will bring positive change and impact in the society.

Razouvolie Kulnu, Advisor, NDPP parent body, AG assured their support and hope they will work in unity and collaboration with the colony elders, youth and leaders.

Hokiye Kire, Head GB, Tsiepfütsiepfhe Council, AG Colony, stated that the councillor has the blessing and support of the Colony and hope he work for its welfare.

Vilelie Khamo, the father of the councillor, also shared words of gratitude on behalf of the family.

Khotuo Belho, Chairman, TTC, exhorted the Councillor focus in community interest and to give more importance to the weaker section. He also said that infrastructure development itself not help a colony function but also give importance to human resource development. He also advised Khamo to work for the betterment of the community.

Belho also appealed the representative to segregate organisations and associations and whatever he does to do the it with the rest of the colony. He also advised Khamo to be the advocate for the women and children and also have special consideration for the youth.

The program was blessed with invocation by Khriesavituo Belho and benediction by Tiatoshi.

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