Declaration programme of N. Imtimenla Ao as Independent Candidate for ULB Election held


BY | Saturday, 22 June, 2024

N Imtimenla Ao announced her candidature for the Urban Local Bodies (ULB) Election from Sungkomen Ward No.10 of Mokokchung Town as an independent candidate on June 21 at the Mongsenyimti Union apartment in Sungkomen Ward. A retired high school teacher, N Imtimenla Ao emphasized that she could not contest the election without a clear vision.

Her manifesto outlined several key initiatives: prioritizing support for destitute women and poor widows, with a focus on women and child health. She aims to ensure that allocated resources reach the intended recipients. Additionally, she plans to improve the drainage system in her ward, enhance sanitation facilities, and upgrade footpaths, which are crucial in the hilly area. Overall, she envisions the beautification of the ward.

Imtimenla Ao expressed her commitment to serving her community based on her manifesto and addressing emerging needs. She described this ULB election as a significant opportunity for women candidates from reserved and general wards, highlighting the importance of exemplary leadership.

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She emphasized the necessity for elected women to be efficient, sincere, and responsible, noting that “first impression is the last impression.” Imtimenla Ao also shared her lifelong passion for women’s empowerment, underscored by her engagement in various activities and recognition through the District Teachers Award and Governor’s Award during her teaching career.

Acknowledging her competitor, Sunepienla LKR of NDPP, as a capable and respected individual, Imtimenla Ao pledged to cooperate and work together regardless of the election outcome. She also assured the Sungkomen Ward Council of her readiness to collaborate on developmental projects.

The event included exhortations from representatives of Sungkomen Ward Yimten, Riongsanger Putu Tatar Menden Chuchuyimpang, Süngratsü Village Council, Chuchuyimpang Union Mokokchung Town, Süngratsü Senso Senden Mokokchung, and Aoli Lemtur Kidong. The invocation was pronounced by Matsung Lkr, Pastor of Sungkomen Baptist Church, followed by a benediction mass.

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