Former Nagaland minister urges women to join politics ‘to improve decency in governance’

Kohima: Time for women to learn Constitution and functions of political party(s) constitution: Therie

BY | Sunday, 29 October, 2023

Former minister and former Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee president, K Therie has urged women in the state to join politics and grab the opportunity of women’s reservation to bring about positive changes in governance. “I believe women’s participation in the Assemblies will improve decency in governance,” he said.

In a statement, Therie asserted that the Women’s Reservation Bill would be amended and implemented by the Congress party and that by 2028, the Nagaland Assembly will have at least 20 women members and the Urban Local Bodies will have at least around five. The former finance minister maintained that it is time for women to learn the Constitution and functions of political party(s) constitution.

“Women of all ages must understand, your minimum responsibility is 33%. This 33% cannot be taken away by men. You have to fill it or it will remain vacant,” Therie stated.

Therie stated, “There is nothing more important or powerful than the vote” and pointed out that women have as much votes as men to make to bring in change. The veteran politician mentioned a story of an Anganwadi worker who defeated a sitting chief minister by 17 votes to encourage women in Nagaland to take the seize the opportunity.

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