Head teacher in Kohima Town school absent for 30 mths, MLA Dr Ato discovers during inspection

Kohima: Dr Ato becomes first MLA to visit PWD GHS after its establishment in 1960s

BY | Friday, 21 July, 2023
MLA Dr Tseilhoutuo Rhutso (Dr Ato) with students of PWD GHS, Kohima

The Head Teacher of Naga Bazaar Upper Government Middle School is reported to be absent from duty for 30 months. This was reported to 9 Kohima Town Assembly Constituency MLA Dr Tseilhoutuo Rhutso (Dr Ato) when he was inspecting the government run schools in his constituency.

Confirming this, the MLA said when he visited the school, the staff reported to him that Head teacher has been absent for two and half years.

“I am going to highlight that to the government. I am not the one to take action but there is a concern department who can take action on them. Let’s see what the government do for the head teacher. I am going to report to the government,” he commented.

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Dr Ato also said two schools which he visited are without electricity and the toilets are very shabby adding that there is no segregation of gender in the toilets.

Mentioning that PWD Government High School has segregated their toilets however, he said four toilets for almost 400 students is not sufficient.

MLA Dr Tseilhoutuo Rhutso (Dr Ato) with teaching staff of PWD GHS, Kohima

The MLA during his visits also listened to the grievances faced by the schools and said that most of the schools required extension of classrooms and proper toilets. He highlighted that most schools did not have playground facilities.

Dr Ato also stressed that under his constituency there is not a single government run higher secondary school to which he said he will pressurise the government.

He pointed out that all over Nagaland, all sectors especially in education and medical, are almost in the same situation where the centre exists but with no proper facility. He said the only way to improve is if the government can club some of the middle schools into one proper higher secondary.

As representative of the people of his constituency, the Kohima Town MLA said that it is his duty to tell the government and make the government take up the matter.

Further, he lauded the PWD High School for keeping up their performance over the years in the matriculation exam. Dr Ato became the first MLA to visit PWD GHS after it was established in the 60s.

So far, he has visited Naga Bazaar Lower GPS, Naga Bazaar Upper GMS, Sub Health Centre Naga Bazaar, PWD GHS, D’ Block GPS and PWD Sub Health Centre.

The MLA expressed his intent to visit all other schools and sub health centre within his Kohima Town constituency.

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