Inspirational story of David Rhakho: Epitome of determination and hard work

Dimapur: Racing has taught me to be a more disciplined person while also giving sense of freedom

BY | Saturday, 9 September, 2023

For David Rhakho, being a professional motorsport racer had been a dream since he was a kid. The interest got implanted as he and his friends played the roles of race drivers in the video games. Later, witnessing motorsports competitions in real life inspired him to pursue the profession. But David understood that his family was not in a position to support his ambition. He and his five siblings were being raised by a single mother after their father expired.

So, David stored his dream in a safe place and instead put his all in what he could do at that moment, hoping that a time would come when he could pursue it when someday he is ready. He dropped out of school after Grade 10 and later became an entrepreneur running a sawmill at Naga United Village, Dimapur for five years. His small-scale endeavour, designed according to the village’s needs, was the means for fulfilling his goal of becoming a race driver.

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At 29, David Rhakho won his first trophy as a racer at the 2nd KAMC Torque Challenge Sprint 2023 held in Kohima on 1st and 2nd September. He won the 1st place in the Rookie Category in the competition organised by Kohima Adventure Motorsports Club.

Earlier, he had participated in the Street King Auto Cross which was organised by Street King Club at Agri Expo, Dimapur in 2022 and 2023.

David Rhakho (3rd from left) with other winners at 2nd KAMC Torque Challenge Sprint 2023

David tells us that he loves driving a motorsports car for many reasons. It has taught him to be a more disciplined person while also giving a sense of freedom, he explains.

The race driver also mentions that the best thing about the job is the cultural exchange that happens in the process. Meeting people from different parts of the region, learning about different cultures, trying new experiences, discovering new places and making new friends are tops it all, he says.

David Rhakho credits his recent success in Kohima to God, his family, church, community, friends and Team RD.

This is just the beginning as he remains focussed on achieving his goal of becoming a professional motorsport racer after overcoming many challenges. David shares with excitement that there are lots of competitions coming up and affirms that he is ready to give his best.

David conveys a valuable and pertinent message to all youth by reflecting on his life. He encourages the youth to have courage to face challenges and to pave their own paths, to set up their own business with pride and grit, no matter how small it may be.

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