ISBT Dimapur murder case: Konyak Union, Yuching VC call for strictest punishment for accused

Dimapur: KU urges Nagaland Govt to take effective measures to combat drug menace

BY | Friday, 25 August, 2023

In the case of the murder of late Hozheto Yeptho who was murdered in the morning of 24 August 2023 at his workplace at ISBT, Purana Bazaar, Dimapur, police have identified one Noknyei Konyak as the prime suspect and arrested him. Reacting to this news, Konyak Union and Village Council of Yuching, the accused’s village, have condemned the act and appealed to law enforcement agencies to serve befitting punishment to the accused.

The Konyak Union in its statement expressed its shock and anguish and stated, “This tragic incident has cast a dark shadow over our community, and we extend our deepest sympathies.”

KU mentioned that it has learned “through reliable sources that the culprit, Noknyei Konyak, is a drug addict and a habitual offender.” Asserting that this is not an isolated occurrence, it reminded of the tragic death of Tizit student leader Ahoa Konyak, who was killed by an alleged drug peddler on 25 May 2023.  The union highlighted the escalating drug menace plaguing the society and urged Nagaland Government to take effective measures to combat it.

The government must take proactive steps to curb the spread of drugs and prevent further tragedies from unfolding, Konyak Union stated.

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Meanwhile, Yuching Village Council said, “Such inhuman act could not be tolerated in these civilized societies.”  It conveyed its condolences to the bereaved family of late Hozheto Yeptho and also appealed to the law enforcing authority to punish the culprit as per the law of the land and deliver the justice at the earliest.

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