Kohima District Teachers’ Award 2023 conferred to four dedicated, committed teachers

Kohima: DC Shanavas highlights importance for teachers to continuously learn and stay updated

BY | Saturday, 2 September, 2023

The Kohima District Level Teachers’ Award ceremony was held at the District Education Officer, Kohima.

The Teachers selected for the District Level Teachers’ Award 2023 are Kevilhousenuo Chiesotsu (Graduate Teacher) GMS Meriema; Khriemenuo Nagi (Graduate Teacher) GHSS Jotsoma; Mhasikholie Sachü (Graduate Teacher) TM GHSS Kohima; and, Keneisenü Vitsu (Graduate Teacher) GMS K-Khel, Viswema.

Special guest of the program, Deputy Commissioner Kohima, Shanavas C, IAS acknowledged the responsibilities and struggles faced by teachers. He highlighted the immense patience required to handle each individual student, a quality that is unparalleled in any other profession.

He said that when he first joined the education department, he faced skepticism from many due to its disorganized state. However, he commended the teachers for always giving their best and actively participating in various programs despite of the challenges and difficulties.

The DC also acknowledged that while other states and developed countries may have an easier time providing quality education, there is still a lack of it in the region but because of the dedication and commitment of dedicated teachers, the students are able to excel. He also mentioned that being a teacher is not an easy job.

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Shanavas also acknowledged the struggles of teachers who are posted to different locations, they often have to leave their families and friends behind and face inconveniences looking for suitable accommodation and sometimes lack moral support from the local community or NGOs but are required to do their best to support the students.

He emphasized that education goes beyond classroom teaching and highlighted the importance for teachers to continuously learn and stay updated in a fast-developing world and acknowledged that there will be difficulties from various sources, and it may not always be possible for the government to provide constant support. Therefore, he encouraged teachers to be strong and motivated in facing these challenges.

Furthermore, DC Shanavas also emphasized the need to invest in students and nurture their confidence and motivation. While the government is making efforts, he also called for optimism and a proactive approach towards bringing about positive change in the education system.

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Mhasikholie Sachü (Graduate Teacher), TM GHSS on behalf of the awardees thanked the department for recognising their efforts and commitment. He said that despite the challenges and frustrations that comes the way sometimes, teaching is a noble and the most satisfying profession. He said that every teacher should have the goal not only to teach syllabus but also guide the students in their life skills to be good human being.

The awardee said he had taught for 17 years and that he is happiest when his students tell him, “I like to study science because you teach science.”  He also thanked the department for guiding them to help the students and supporting them throughout their journey.

National Teachers Awardee, 2022 Mimi Yhoshü gave words of encouragement.

Earlier the program was blessed with invocation by Neisiesa Chüsi, welcome address by Emilo Patton and vote of thanks was pronounced by Neivizolie Meyase.

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