Langpangkong Tzükong Mungdang Holds 44th General Conference at Yaongyimti Village

Mokokchung: Advisor Ozukum highlights Langpangkong Range’s unique community where Ao, Chang, Phom tribes unite as one

BY | Tuesday, 23 April, 2024
I Meyionen Jamir (Top L), Tongpang Ozukum (Top R), A Pangjung Jamir (Bottom L) and W Chingmak Chang (Bottom R) at Yaongyimti village on 23 April 2024

The 44th General Conference of Langpangkong Tzükong Mungdang (LTM) was held under the theme “Sümedem” at Yaongyimti Village on 23 April, with I Meyionen Jamir, Chief Information Commissioner of the Government of Nagaland, serving as the theme Speaker.

The program was also attended by Tongpang Ozukum, MLA and Advisor for Water Resources and Pangjung Jamir, MLA and Advisor for Fishery & Aquatic Resources.  Advisor Ozukum also unvieled the monolith to commemorate the occasion.

In his address, I Meyionen Jamir explained that the theme “Sümedem,” as referenced in the Ao Dictionary “Arok Osep,” means “to level out even and equal.” He emphasized, “It also means a lot of meaning like coming together of like-minded people agreeing to something with unity and togetherness without any opposition.”

Reflecting on the origins of LTM, Jamir highlighted the inaugural Langpangkong Range Conference in 1933, which advocated for road construction and unity. He cautioned against contemporary challenges to unity, particularly the ambition to seize leadership, which undermines the fabric of unity.

“Jamir addressed the gathering today, highlighting some drawbacks of living together in unity in the modern world. He warned about individuals who seek to seize leadership, posing a danger to unity. He emphasized the importance of careful selection of leaders and urged all unions to consider this factor. The gathering convened under the theme “Sümedem,” symbolizing a revival of togetherness and spiritual awakening.

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Jamir urged the people of Langpangkong Range to unite and formulate action plans for the development of their region during the 44th LMT General Conference. He stressed the need to adapt visions to fit into the changing world for the betterment of all.

Planning Committee of 44th General Conference of Langpangkong Tzükong Mungdang

Quoting Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jamir stated, “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today,” and supplemented his point with insights on risks, short-term benefits, limited vision, and lack of priorities, emphasizing the importance of learning from past mistakes.

Further, he warned against selfishness and greed, stating that societies cannot grow in such conditions. Jamir also emphasized the importance of preparation, planning, and learning from past mistakes.

Jamir proposed two action plans during the conference. Firstly, he endorsed the Dikhu Hydro Electric Project proposal and urged the LTM to welcome such development. Secondly, he advocated for prioritizing efforts to convert Tuli College into a government institution and suggested forming a committee for this purpose.

In conclusion, Jamir reiterated the power of unity under the theme “Sümedem” and urged the LTM to strengthen their unity to embrace development in the region.”

Outgoing office bearers of Langpangkong Tzükong Mungdang

Tongpang Ozukum, MLA and Advisor for Water Resources, Government of Nagaland, who also represents this constituency, conveyed a message from the Guest of Honor, P. Bashangmongba Chang, Minister of Housing & Mechanical in the Nagaland government, expressing his inability to attend the program due to health issues.

In his address, Ozukum expressed gratitude to the villages of the Langpangkong Range, emphasizing its uniqueness, with its diverse Ao, Chang, and Phom tribes coming together as one, showcasing the concept of “Unity in Diversity.” He underscored the vision for road construction in the region.

Ozukum also shared blessings in the range, including recently inaugurated facilities like a Bio-Plastic factory, food processing unit, animal feeds factory, and mineral water plant, as well as the upcoming Tuli railway station. He urged the people to work together to maintain peace and harmony and leverage these blessings for development.

He emphasized the importance of accrediting high schools in the range for higher education and cautioned against premature demands, urging balanced development to benefit all villages. The Advisor also addressed the discovery of crude oil in the range, urging thoughtful consideration of its pros and cons.

Commending the honesty and sacrifices of Yaongyimti Village, Ozukum urged practical action and thanked the outgoing tenure while encouraging the new leadership to continue their efforts for the betterment of the Langpangkong Range.

Outgoing office bearers of Langpangkong Tzükong Mungdang with the Planning Committee

Pangjung Jamir, MLA and Advisor for Fishery & Aquatic Resources in the Nagaland government, highlighted Yaongyimti Village’s strategic importance and urged continued dedication to the Naga community and maintaining good relationships with other tribes.

Jamir praised the election of young and capable leaders and addressed infrastructure and development needs, including the upgrade of Tuli College to a government institution and the lack of engineering colleges or universities in the range. He emphasized the need for improved medical facilities and called for collective efforts to bring about development in the Langpangkong Range.

In conclusion, Jamir stressed that development is not solely the responsibility of political leaders but also requires the efforts of the people for the benefit of the Ao’s, Nagas, and the Langpangkong Range.”

W. Chingmak Chang, Executive Council Member, highlighted the historical relationship between Ao pastors and the Chang community, noting their roles as educators, evangelists, and leaders. He expressed gratitude to the Ao community for their contributions to the Chang’s and emphasized the importance of learning from their example.

Chang emphasized the unique nature of the Langpangkong Range, where Ao, Chang, and Phom communities live together, each with a rich history. He urged Ao leaders to continue leading by example, as their actions inspire the Chang and Phom communities.

New office bearers of Langpangkong Tzükong Mungdang for 2024-27


New office bearers of Langpangkong Tzükong Mungdang (LTM) for the term 2024-2027 are as follows:

President: N. WATITOSHI from Wameken.

Vice President: LIMASANGWA from Unger.

General Secretary: R. NUKSHI LONGKUMER from Yaongyimsen.

Assistant General Secretary: MOATOSHI from Akhoya.

Financial Secretary: RONGSENSHILU from Unger.

Treasurer: S. TEMSU PONGEN from Chuchuyimlang.

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