BY | Wednesday, 27 July, 2022

Kohima: The attention of Government has been drawn to recent circulations in the social and print media with regard to the proposals submitted to the Government of India under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Vikas Karyakaram (PMJVK) 2023. In this context, the Minority Affairs Cell, Planning and Coordination Department has issued the following clarifications:

  1. The PMJVK Scheme, as was being implemented till 2021-22, was limited to the block of Niuland only in Nagaland. The State Government had strongly taken up with the Central Government to extend it to the entire state of Nagaland, and with the personal intervention of the CM, Neiphiu Rio, the revised PMJVK guidelines make all districts of the State eligible for the scheme w.e.f. 2022-23. The Government of India has agreed to extend the scheme to the entire State.
  2. In order to submit the consolidated Plan for the State to the Government of India, the Minority Affairs Cell had requested the Deputy Commissioners for submission of projects for their respective districts for inclusion in the 5 years perspective plan 2022-26. Some of the Deputy Commissioners have submitted their inputs. It may be pertinent to note here that the Plan submitted to the Government of India is a compiled list of the proposals only and is submitted only on the online PMJVK web portal. Further, as all projects cannot be taken up together, they can be taken up over a five-year period. The selection of projects and final approval will be made by the Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India.
  3. On account of the concerns raised by various organizations and some individuals, the State Government has taken up with the Government of India to allow for submission of additional list of projects for consideration under the scheme along with the submitted list. In addition, the Minority Affairs Cell has also written to the Deputy Commissioners who could not submit, or where there were inadequate projects submitted, to submit the list of projects, prioritized on a year wise basis, as per the guidelines of the scheme, with recommendation of the respective District Level Committees by 6th August 2022.
  4. On account of the above clarification, it would be wrong to presume, as has been done in the above referred circulations in the social and print media, that the State Government has received any funds from Government of India or has disproportionately distributed such amount, stated a release from the Minority Affairs Cell, Planning & Coordination Dept.




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