Nagaland budget 2023-24 a pro-people budget: Kuzholuzo Nienu

Kohima: Nienu said that Nagas should operate their own Oil Exploration field and enjoy all the benefits while paying whatever taxes are applicable and necessary to GoI

BY | Tuesday, 28 March, 2023
Photo of the 14th Nagaland Legislative Assembly taken on 20 March 2023.

Member of Legislative Assembly Kuzholuzo Azo Nienu has termed the state budget 2023-2024 as pro- people’s budget. Participating in the general discussion on the Budget for the year 2023-2024 today, Nienu appreciated the government for bringing out a budget that targets the interest of the common man.

On the issue of exploration of Oil in Nagaland, Nienu was of the strong view that Oil and Gas from Tokishe, Pihekhu and Nikihe which are purely Naga villages under Niuland District and the remaining oil-bearing fields Disputed Area Belt (DAB) which are almost under Naga Villages, should not be shared with Assam.

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Pointing out that the present agreement on oil exploration in the Disputed Area Belt between the Government of India and Assam is not conducive for Nagaland, MLA Nienu requested the state government to relook into the agreement adding that such agreement will be huge loss in the history of state’s economy.

Appealing to the GoI not to infringe Art 371 (A), Nienu said, Nagas should operate their own Oil Exploration field and enjoy all the benefits while paying whatever taxes are applicable and necessary to the Indian government faithfully and sincerely.

The MLA apprised the house that he had submitted a letter to Secretary Geology & Mining on October 2022, stating not to proceed with Signing of MOUs (Bipartite MoU and Tripartite MoU) and if so signed it would be seen as the gravest mistake in Naga Economic History.

“…as the representative of the Nagas, we should not rush into conclusion for temporary benefit where the future generations suffered because of us (the 60 MLAs),” added Nienu.

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Meanwhile, Nienu also suggested the leader of the house to amend or legislate a law for the state wherein the nomenclature of Advisor is change to Minister of state (MoS) keeping in view the special status Article 371 (A) given to Nagaland, so that they are able to take responsibility of accountability in the Question Hour.

On the state to achieve the state of excellence, he viewed that they need to work collectively for the betterment and upliftment of the society. He said there is a need of paradigm shift in their attitude, approaches and mindset.

Commenting that accountability and transparency is important for good governance, Nienu emphasised on the need for the government to bring about change of system in the governance. He also suggested for equal distribution of funds to all districts, adding that “ism” should be done away to allow funds to roll out to every section.

The NPF leader further urged the government of the day to focus on the completion of Dimapur stadium, High Court and Multi parking at Kohima.

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