Nagaland ULB Elections 2024: Kohima Municipal Ward-1 woman candidate Kelhousenuo Khruomo shares issues confronting her ward

BY | Sunday, 19 May, 2024

30 years old Kelhousenuo Khruomo declared her candidature for the upcoming Urban Local Bodies (ULB) Election at her residence on May 18. Khruomo will be contesting from Peraciezie Ward-1.


Daughter of Sonhie Khruomo and Asenuo Khroumo from L.khel of Kohima Village, Kelhousenuo completed her B.A. English (Hons.) and B.Ed and is currently the Managing Director of Cambridge Montessori Pre School, Phezhoucha.


In an exclusive interview with Nagaland Tribune Khruomo said she strongly believed in the potential of the community to thrive and grow with the right leadership. “My goal is to bring about broad changes, enhance public health, welfare and development, ensuring that every resident’s voice is heard and their needs are met. By leveraging my experience, I aim to address the challenges our town faces and work towards a sustainable and prosperous future for all,” said the young candidate.


Khruomo shared her commitment to advocate for the growing issue of water scarcity in her ward, public health care and accessibility to education centre.

“Though my candidature falls under the merit of reservation for women, I am fully prepared

to sacrifice for men and women, both old and young, rich or poor taking everyone into my full

confidence to bring all around development for the residents of High School area colony to the best of my ability and dedication with my sincere most sense of justice and fairness to all without any sort of discrimination whatsoever,” she asserted.

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With water scarcity being major issue in Kohima, Khruomo viewed that a combination of short-term measures and long term sustainable solutions is vital for water management and conservation. Other issues include weak urban planning, infrastructure deficiency, environmental concerns like landslides were also highlighted.

“I have a road map to address the challenges but unless funds are sanctioned by the state and central government I will not be able to bring about developmental changes. So let’s hope for the best,” said Khruomo. Anything that comes within the municipal council, she mentioned, will be worked out in tandem with the leaders of the panchayat and utilise it for the betterment of the society.

“The women reservation has given an opportunity to ensure fair representative and including women in decision making regardless of their gender. The 33% reservation for women in municipal bodies was initially introduced through the 74th constitutional Amendment Act in 1992. Despite being enacted in 1992, this promise will only be implemented in Nagaland this year in 2024 . So technically speaking, we are 32 years behind,” said Khruomo.

She also thanked the Government of Nagaland for giving women a chance to stand on the same platform as men in the decision making process. Sharing her commitment to advocate for

water supply, community sub-centre for health care services and accessibility to education, Khruomo assured to uphold her responsibility and duties if she is elected.

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