NBSE releases booklet “Transforming School Education through NEP”

Kohima: Reforms to be implemented to improve quality education across entire state

BY | Wednesday, 8 May, 2024

The Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE) has released a compiled booklet titled “Transforming School Education through NEP” aimed to enhance the quality of education and to promote a well-rounded growth in students. The Board informed that the booklet features some of the key reforms in the perspective of the National Curriculum Framework for School Education (NCFSE), 2023 provides a discussion on them which are expected to be implemented in the Registered Institutions of the Board.

The soft copy of the booklet can be accessed in the Board’s portal nbsenl.edu.in, while, the hard copy can be collected from the Board’s office.

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NBSE highlighted that NCFSE is an inclusive framework that covers the objectives of education, academic levels, learning standards, instructional approach, content, assessment, school subjects/areas, cross-cutting themes, school culture and processes, and establishing a fostering environment for students.

Under such aims, the Board has urged all educational Institutions to implement the reforms through a devised plan and to consistently monitor and assess the practices of these reforms so as to understand its results and make further improvements from it. The Board also stressed that the Heads of Institutions are to provide diligent effort to implement the given reforms and share the best strategies and practices with other schools to enhance and improve educational quality.

Further, NBSE has directed institutions to document and share strategies that are effective and innovative under “Best Innovative Practices”.

This report (along with supporting photographs and short videos) is to be submitted to the Board at academicnbse@gmail.com within 30th September 2024.


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