One little contribution everyday will help make world better: Advisor Yhome at Janbhagidari event in Kohima

Kohima: 281 students participate in the event from four government schools in Kohima

BY | Thursday, 1 June, 2023
Janbhagidari event at Nagaland Civil Secretariat Park, Kohima on 1 June 2023

Janbhagidari event was launched by Dr Kekhrielhoulie Yhome, MLA and Advisor, School Education & SCERT Nagaland on Thursday at Nagaland Civil Secretariat Park, Kohima.

The Ministry of Education in partnership with all States and Union Territories is organizing Janbhagidari events throughout the country to create awareness and generate a sense of pride among various stakeholders like students, teachers, parents and community as a whole, about G-20, National Education Policy and Foundation Literacy and Numeracy (FLN).

In Kohima, the event focussed on the G20 theme “One Earth, One Family, One Future” where 281 students participated from four government schools in Kohima – Thinuovicha Memorial Government Higher Secondary School (TMGHSS), Rüzhükhrie GHSS, Bayavü Government Middle School and GMS, Phezoucha, New Secretariat.

Dr Kekhrielhoulie Yhome, his is address said that social crisis of climate change is a major and long issue that is still happening around the world and is tremendously impacting life on earth. He noted that United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is working to combat climate change by limiting global temperature rise to well below 2 degrees Celsius, and to strive for 1.5 degrees Celsius. are trying to bring it below 2 degrees Celsius.

“Every increase of 1 degree is killing a lot of insects, micro-organism which are invisible to eyes and is resulting in ice melting in North Pole and South Pole. It is globally changing our world,” he added.

Dr Kekhrielhoulie Yhome, MLA and Advisor, School Education & SCERT Nagaland

Calling the students to come together to work for the progress and for the better world, Yhome pointed that around four lakh students purchase sweets every day and asked them, “Everyday you are producing about 2-3 pieces of sweet wrappers, how do you dispose them?” He noted that the rising consumers contributes every day to climate change.

Stressing on the importance of ‘Community’ for ‘Change’ he urged the people to stay together as the future is bounded together whether you like it or not and said, “You cannot change the world, you cannot be part of the world as one person but together we can all bring change”.

He mentioned that coronavirus and the emerging new zoonotic disease are all results of climate change, and it is also giving birth and paving ways for many diseases that we already know and that we do not know. “Medical doctors are not able to understand what is happening because everything is getting mutated,” Yhome added.

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Further, lauding the participants of the plogging movement he said, “It should not be today alone, everyday should be a responsible day” and urged the students to make plogging as part of an everyday activity and pushed them to do “a good deed everyday”.

“One little kind act, one little contribution from you everyday will help make our world better,” Yhome encouraged the children.

Students busy in the plogging activity organised as part of Janbhagidari event in Kohima on 1 June 2023

Kelhikha Kenye, Deputy Mission Director (DMD) State Mission Authority Samagra Shiksha said that the event is a run up programme for the fourth G20 meeting scheduled in Pune from 19-22 June 2023, initiated under G20 theme “One Earth, One Family, One Future”, to create awareness of people’s participation. He also exuded hope for the community holders, stakeholders, community leaders and parents to participate in building a strong education to ensure a better future. “Plogging is important because we need to create awareness about responsible disposable of waste,” he added.

Kenye informed, “Nagaland is also going to exhibit the activities initiated for pre-primary education under NIPUN Bharat Mission for foundational literacy and numeracy at Pune.” “Tree plantation drive will be conducted in Kisama on 5 June (World Environment Day) in collaboration with NGOs,” he further informed.

Janbhagidari event at Nagaland Civil Secretariat Park, Kohima on 1 June 2023

Officers from Directorate of education, SCERT, NBSE, Samagra Shiksha and DEO Kohima, teachers of the four schools along with the students participated in the plogging movement conducted in Capital Kohima from High School Junction to NLA gate near NPSC and TMGHSS.

Earlier Kevileno Angami, Commissioner & Secretary, School Education SCERT & VC NEMS chaired the programme conducted post plogging movement and vote of thanks was delivered by Temsunaro Aier, IAS, State Mission Director, Samagra Shiksha.

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