Preserving environment in Biblical perspective: BBUYWN organises seminar on World Environment Day

BY | Friday, 7 June, 2024

On June 5, 2024, the Benreu Baptist Union Youth Wing Nagaland (BBUYWN) organized a significant one-day seminar and Yongchak sapling distribution event to commemorate World Environment Day.

Former State Chaplain of Nagaland and President of the Benreu Baptist Union Rev. Kuzierang Thou, delivered his message on the environment from a Biblical perspective. Thou emphasized that humans are divinely appointed stewards of the environment, tasked with the responsibility of protecting and nurturing God’s creation. Highlighting the magnificence of God’s works, Rev. Thou noted that all His creations are remarkable, and humanity holds a unique and precious place in His sight.

During the technical session, Senior Researcher, Department of Environment, Forests & Climate Change Er.Keheibamding Thou, addressed the urgent issues of Climate Change, stressing the severe impacts that future generations may face if decisive and immediate actions are not taken to curb environmental degradation.

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President of BBUYW (N) Egumsing Nsarangbe during the event underscored the primary objective of the distribution of the saplings was to enable the youth to generate income and sustain their livelihoods through Yongchak plantation. He also expressed gratitude to the Forest Department for providing 400 Yongchak saplings to carry forward their sustainability project.

This initiative was conducted in collaboration with the Benreu Youth Organization (BBU) and the Benreu Students Union (BSU), Nagaland. This event not only celebrated World Environment Day but also aimed to inspire and equip the local youth with the resources and knowledge necessary for sustainable environmental practices. The distribution of Yongchak saplings symbolizes a step towards ecological conservation and economic empowerment, reflecting the seminar’s overarching goal of fostering a harmonious relationship between humanity and nature.

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