RPP demands NHIDCL be booked for criminal negligence

BY | Sunday, 7 July, 2024

The Rising People’s Party has demanded that the NHIDCL be booked for criminal negligence. It also demanded that the contents of the ‘ultra-secret HLTC report’ be made public by the PDA government.

“Another rock-fall on the NH-29 Patkai bridge-Khoukidolong stretch smashed a Bolero vehicle and injured 4 occupants. It was exactly a year ago on July 4 2023 that 2 persons were killed and 3 injured on the same stretch when falling rocks smashed into several vehicles,” reminded the RPP in a press release issued today.

Although concerns were raised, the RPP claimed that the NDPP-BJP coalition did nothing.

“Instead, to eyewash a serious negligence, the PDA government instituted a High Level Technical Committee (HLTC) to ‘study’ the issue, whose report is still awaited in public domain. When will the PDA realize that governance is all about accountability and responsibility? What does Dy. CM TR Zeliang mean by “Short-term maintenance contract” which the PDA apparently instituted after last year’s tragic incident? The Naga people will not be fooled by such utterances,” expressed the RPPM

The party also questioned if the NHIDCL was brought to task, following last year’s incident, for the haphazard manner in which four-laning was carried out including usage of dynamites in loosely-soiled mountainous area.

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“Was anybody held accountable? Were anybody in the NHIDCL or the government suspended or jailed? Did the government take action upon the state nodal department – R&B (National Highway) – overseeing the activities of NHIDCL in the state? Will the PDA government explain why the state police did not take any action upon the RPP FIR complaint filed at the Choumoukedima Police Station against NHIDCL officials in the aftermath of the deaths?” questioned the RPP.

It also questioned on the PDA government merely issuing “Travel Advisory” after each tragedy, year after year.

“Will the rocks stop falling after the PDA government issues their “Travel Advisory”? Were the relatives of the dead and the injured in 2023 compensated and whether the recently injured are going to be compensated?” stated the RPP mentioning that these are some of the questions which the PDA government has to answer.


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