Self Care: In pursuit of a happy healthy skin


BY | Sunday, 19 November, 2023

The journey of Tsivi Phesao, a Cosmetic Formulator and a Product Developer, and founder of Self Care began in pursuit of a happy healthy skin.

With sensitive skin that is allergic to harsh compounds and dust particles, Phesao used different products available in the market, even trying expensive products thinking it will help solve her skin problem. However, the products worsen the condition of her skin.

After a close friend encouraged her to start a cosmetic business, she was motivated to experiment. “From 2019, I began my research on the ingredients used by the cosmetic industry. For nearly four years, I studied each ingredient one by one, their benefits and their usages,” says Tsivi.

The products Phesao developed were first shared among family and friends, who with continuous use, witnessed positive results on their skins, and started regularly ordering her products. Thus, she began to formulate the products in bulk.

Phesao completed her Masters in Biochemistry, a two-year programme in Education at Rayalaseema University and trained in Advance Cosmetic Science at the Institute of Personal Care Science Coolum Beach, Australia.

Till date, Tsivi has developed more than 30 products which includes niacinamide serum, vitamin c serum, toner, sunscreen, sunscreen stick, moisturizing cream, cleanser, face bar, essential oil etc.

Self Care products are single handedly made by Phesao herself, with support from her family as helping hands when required.

“It was not an easy task and I did face failures and hardships during preparation and trial, and at some point wanting to give up. But I dug deep into the area where I was failing and tried to find solution for it. And finally, after 4 long years of experimenting, I found something that suits sensitive skin,” says the Cosmetic Formulator. For Self Care products, the raw materials are ordered from a specific company where they supply organic materials. Phesao mentions that all the ingredient she uses for preparing the products are organic compounds, skin friendly and environmentally safe.


“With time, basic practice and continuous knowledge, I’m able to enhance from one compound to other better compounds,” asserts Tsivi.

“My favourite part about the job is getting reviews from the users and the clients saying ‘their skin are like never before’, that ‘their pigmentations have lighten’, ‘no more dandruff’, ‘growth of hair’ so on and so forth. These responses helped me to energise and boost me to keep on moving forward, so also constructive criticism which helps me to improve in everything that I do. Sometimes, I am in disbelief that people are actually using something that I have developed,” expresses Tsivi. She also mentions that there has been positive feedbacks from her customers on the Vitamin C Serum for lightening pigmentation, Goat Milk bar for softening and hydrating, Mineral sunscreen spf 50+++ which protects from harmful sunlight.

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50 percent of Self Care products are sold online which is through Instagram, and 30 percent by regular customers while 10 percent of the products are sold in stores in Kohima and Dimapur such as Rhozhu collection located opposite to Ozen café, Tookee Nagaland, Made in Nagaland and Mixpick Enterprise at Dimapur.

“It has been my personal passion towards this field that led me to work hard doing research for various chemical compounds, their benefits, uses, types of skin, its disadvantages. Also the study of weather and climate in different parts of the State plays a vital role in our skin,” says Tsivi who encourages everyone to pursue their passion go for it.

“My goal is to reach out to all those who are feeling low because of their skin and give them the confidence to face the world. Because anyone can achieve anything if they are confident, and a good healthy skin is one of them, “ expresses Phesao.


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