The question should not be about penalty imposed but deliberate negligence, irregularities and irresponsibilities of a govt. servant: MASU clarifies

BY | Saturday, 15 June, 2024

The Mon Area Students’ Union (MASU) has clarified in a statement on the recent case of Dr. Gloria Ngullie (Dy. Chief Veterinary Officer), Veterinary Dept. Mon. District, that it “never had any intention of profiting from anyone” and that it’s letter has been misunderstood.

The Mon Area Students’ Union (MASU) conducted a surprise checking on governmental departments under Mon Area jurisdiction on June 7, upon which Dr. Gloria Ngullie (DCVO) of Veterinary Dept. was found absent/out of station without leave.

“Therefore, the union dispatched the summoning letter on 8th June, 2024 to report at MASU Office on 12th June, 2024 without fail to which she denied to appear in person before the union within the stipulated time for reason best known to her. On further inquiry, it has come to light that the mentioned officer has mostly been irregular in discharging her duties and often stays out of station without any leave as per the record,” stated the Union.

Taking total responsibility for the released of summoning letter along with the imposition of fine on holidaying Govt. employees, the Union regretted “the mis-interpretation and mis-understanding over the fine imposed, for we never had any intention of profiting from anyone”.

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“The underlying fact of the matter was to solely and only to prompt up the failing govt. employees to meet their obligations,” stated the MASU earnestly requesting the right thinking conscious citizens to understand the fundamental fact and ground realities of their society.

“The question should not be about the penalty imposed but the deliberate negligence, irregularities’ and irresponsibilities of a govt. servant. Who takes the responsibility to address such issues to keep checks and balances in a system? Who is to be held accountable? We do not regret taking the call to outrightly remind our irresponsible govt. employees to discharge their duties with all sincerity,” it asserted.

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