14th NLA: Dy CM Patton highlights scheme to rehabilitate militants

Kohima: Scheme not available to a surrenderee who is recycled militants/terrorists

BY | Friday, 15 September, 2023

Y Patton, Deputy Chief Minister of Nagaland (Home) informed that the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, has circulated a revised scheme for Surrender-cum-Rehabilitation of militants in the North-East States (except Sikkim and Mizoram) under Security Related Expenditure Scheme in the year 2018.

He was responding to a starred question raised by MLA Kuzholuzo Nienu on 14 September 2023 during the concluding 14th NLA monsoon session.

“The objective of the Scheme is to wean away the misguided youth and hardcore militants who have strayed into the fold of militancy and now find themselves trapped into that net,” apprised Patton, adding that the scheme also seeks to ensure that the militants who have surrendered do not find it attractive to join militancy again.

The scheme is applicable to those militants who surrender at least with one weapon. However, in exceptional and deserving cases, militants who surrender without arms may also be considered for rehabilitation under the scheme. The names of such militants would be scrutinized by the Screening Committee and a final view taken by Unified Headquarters or similar body at the state Government headquarters. However, the benefits of the scheme shall not be available to a surrenderee who is a recycled militant/terrorist.

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The scheme also provides incentives for surrendered weapons and ammunitions.

Incentive (in Rs.)

  1. LMG/GPMG/Pika/RPG/Sniper rifle, Rocket Launcher/Similar Weapons/similar weapon (1,00,000/-)
  2. AK 47/56/74 Rifle (50,000/-)
  3. Rocket (5,000/ per rocket)
  4. Grenade/Hand Grenade/Stick Grenade (1,000/-per grenade)
  5. Remote Control Device (per device 5,000/-)
  6. Ammunition of all types (50/- per round)
  7. IED (3,000/-)
  8. Land Mines (5,000/-)
  9. Explosive material (3,000/- per kg)
  10. Wireless Set (Short Range – 5000/-per each set) (Long Range (10,000/- each per set)
  11. Satellite Phone (40,000/-)
  12. VHF/HF Communication Set Electronic (10,000/-)
  13. Detonators (300/-)
  14. Other detonators (100/-)

Under the scheme, the incentive admissible to the surrenderees for the surrendered arms shall be deposited in the form of a Fixed Deposit in the joint name of surrenderee and the NGO/State Government nominee and shall be given to the surrenderee at the time of his leaving the Rehabilitation Camp.

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