Classic Club commemorates 29th Foundation Day, inaugurates Vertical Garden at Classic Island

Kohima: Organisation is more than just a Club, it is a group where members learn from each other, grow together, and become better humans, says Chotisuh Sazo

BY | Monday, 2 October, 2023
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The Classic Club today commemorated its 29th Foundation Day along with the inaugural of a Vertical Garden at Classic Island today. K. Hukato Chishi, IFS inaugurated the Vertical Garden at Classic Island which was followed by the Foundation Day celebration at 2k hotel.

Applauding the members who have always worked towards making a positive difference in society, Life Member, Classic Club Dr Chotisuh Sazo in his speech stated, “Just as we celebrate our birthdays each year, we celebrate this day to remember the start of our remarkable journey.”

While the beginning and the formation of the Club might have been just an idea and a dream, Sazo asserted that the idea and dream produced the seed planted by the one who conceived the concept, and “who hoped it would grow into a tree providing shade and fruit for many and today we see that dream realized, as we stand as a strong community, bonded by shared values and a common purpose.”

Although Classic Club might not have much material wealth, Sazo expressed that the love, affection, moral values and social concerns the Club possess is enormous. In its own limited capacity, the Club has been able to organise Soccer Tournaments, Medical Camps, Public Utility objects, beautification of public places, and the latest being the Inauguration of the Vertical Garden, besides visiting orphanages, jails, hospitals and taking care of the under-privileged children, which has brought the Club to the limelight and satisfaction to their members.

“The Foundation Day is not just about the past, it also about the present and the future. We honour the hard work and dedication of everyone who has helped the Club grow. We also look forward to the future. There’s so much more we want to achieve, so many more heights we want to reach,” highlighted Sazo.

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Sazo also asserted that the Foundation Day should serve to be a reminder of the Club’s journey and the path that lies ahead. “It is a day to refresh our commitment to our goals and to each other,” said Sazo adding that the organisation is more than just a Club but a group where they learn from each other, grow together, and become better humans.

“Many of us are retired from the active government service but that does not mean that we have retired from the life process. We are just starting our middle age, and it is never too late to do good things and we can start a fresh in many ways,” the Life Member, Classic Club encouraged the gathering.

During the celebration, Sazo also gave tributes to their members who have passed: Vituolhoulie Belho, Sahu Yiese, Zaselatuo Solo, Rukhietuolie Liezetsu and Er. Keduozelhou Khruomo.

The program was blessed with an invocation by Thepfurüya Thorie, while Zakiekhotuo Kiso delivered the welcome address. K. Hukato Chishi, IFS also gave a short speech. Thejatshunuo Amelia Sekhose presented a special song and Mezhü-o Marcus Solo pronounced the vote of thanks.

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