Cyclonic storm ravages Chuchuyimlang Village, affecting 37 households and two public properties


BY | Tuesday, 28 May, 2024

During the late hours of May 25, 2024, a heavy windstorm swept across Chuchuyimlang village in Mokokchung district, affecting 37 households and two public properties. Speaking to the Nagaland Tribune, Ao Sanen Pongen, Chairman of Chuchuyimlang Village, informed that a total of 37 households and two public properties were damaged in the storm. Of these, five private households and one public property were fully damaged, while seven private households and one public property sustained major damage. The rest experienced partial damage. The two public properties affected were schools: GPS Yimpang Chuchuyimlang and GPS Mongda Chuchuyimlang.

The Chairman also mentioned that they conducted a spot verification and visited the site and affected families on the night of May 25. The District Administration, along with some Dobashis and the Village Council, visited the site of the damaged houses on the morning of Sunday, May 26.

The DC Mokokchung Informed the Nagaland Tribune that he has instructed the release of the Emergency Relief Fund to the affected homeowners. Additionally, the SDRF forms will be forwarded to Kohima.

Alemba from Chuchuyimlang Village, whose house was among those fully damaged by the cyclonic storm on May 25, informed the Nagaland Tribune that the storm hit around 5:30 PM, bringing heavy rain and wind. He mentioned that it was late evening when their house was damaged, and some of the families from the damaged houses took shelter at their neighbors’ places.

He also Informed that the Village Council came to inspect the site and visited the affected families that evening itself. Fortunately, he said there were no casualties of people or damage to livestock.

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Alemba also stated that construction efforts are ongoing as of May 28 and are expected to take another week to complete, as it has been raining continuously. He added that relief funds were provided to all the affected families today by the District Administration.

Watienla from Chuchuyimlang Village, who is the only breadwinner of the family after her husband’s passing, also informed that their house was affected by the cyclonic storm, making it difficult to lead a normal life with continuous rain since the incident. She said that three of her children are studying outside Mokokchung, and she, along with her youngest son, was present during this challenging time. She further mentioned that, unlike others with government jobs or stable income, her family will take time to recover from the losses and repair the damages.


She reported that the District Administration provided an emergency relief fund and expressed her gratitude for their assistance during this period. Watienla detailed that their house sustained severe damage, with the rooftops of other parts of the house blown away by the wind, cracks appearing on the house walls, and the bathroom rooftops also damaged.

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