I owe it to my mother, says Achen Yanthan, singer and composer from Wokha

Wokha: After getting recognition from people as a kid, my ego and pride started to get the best of me

BY | Wednesday, 21 June, 2023

Mhachen Yanthan Aka Achen Yanthan is one talented singer, songwriter, composer and a DJ from Wokha, Nagaland. He did his Bachelor of Music from Margret Shishak School of Music, Patkai.

According to Achen, his intuition into the world of Music began from a young age.  He said, “My mother is my inspiration”, she is the one from whom I learnt my first few guitar chords.

I still remember vividly how she used to play me songs on our old secondhand Yamaha Guitar which my eldest brother got in exchange for a pair of jeans. I was her drummer with the bamboo sticks, a bucket for the snare, steel plate cymbals and the legendary murah (woven stool) for the bass drum. Jamming with her every evening helped me in understanding about the basic structure and fundamentals of music.”

He mentioned that few years ago, when he was playing and performing live in front of a huge audience, Achen witnessing them enjoying his music and also seeing his mom and family members showing interest truly sparked a flame in his heart to make more music. And that was how he decided that if there were anything he would do in life, it was Music.

Stating that his first vocal mentor was his aunt, he said, “I see her as my Godmother who rigorously and tirelessly trained me, also made me cry a little when I made mistakes which immensely supported me in extending my vocal range.”

Further adding, he said that his aunty also helped him take part in a singing contest (Campus Icon 1st Season) where he won despite being the youngest contestant. Achen Yanthan also joined a children’s singing choir “Kids Kingdom Praise” which became a sensation and an inspiration for the people back then. He also mentioned about his other mentor Samuel played a huge part in his musical journey.

He also added that he never really had a proper theory music lesson before joining Patkai but then after getting the opportunity to study alongside talented classmates and under the supervision of highly educated music professors, his views and perspective about music totally changed.

“The first few months were the hardest for me, though I was not the sharpest knife in the drawer, I tried really hard to cope with the situation”.  Among all the good things that has ever happened in his life, studying in Patkai tops it all. He feels grateful to all his mates and professors for imparting him with their knowledge and wisdom.

“Growing up in a humble family has its perks and drawbacks. Hunger and struggle make you humble and compassionate. You are satisfied and starts appreciating the things you have around you,” Achen maintains.

He says that preferring the rockstar lifestyle, it was hard for parents and family to help him set up a studio so, he had to move ahead with what he had and later BandLab came forward to help him record, mix and produced some of his original songs.

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Achen Yanthan also shared his experience of downfall stating, “After getting recognition from people as a kid, around the age of 16, my ego and pride started to get the best of me. I started indulging into crazy adventures and almost lost my voice. I started going flats on live performances and would show up late for practice.” He admitted struggling with depression because of the negative reviews he was receiving. Achen disclosed that he started to feel like giving up, but he believed God never gave up on him. “God sent guardian angels in the form of mentors, friends and family to encourage and knock some senses into my head”.

Writing original songs, listening to powerful sermons in the church, reading the Bible and expressing himself through music became his therapy.

Achen dreams to make his music to the meta having a vision to inspire and heal young generation. He also wishes to help and push struggling musicians like him to the next level in the music industry and to set up a record label where one can train and mould young talents.

He is focusing on writing original songs. “As long as I can remember, I grew up singing cover songs and as much as I appreciate other people’s art and craft, I personally believe in the fact that, as a musician it’s always better to create our own style and wave if you wish to be influentia,” the young talent stated.

Currently Achen has about 3 original songs which is uploaded on his YouTube channel (@AchenYanthan) and he states that there are about 20 unreleased tracks still piled up on his diary.

His latest song is titled “Young Forever”.

Speaking about the song, Achen says that a narrative music about being young and reminiscing about college life. It is a musical letter to his friends, letting them know that he cherishes every moment they spend together. He also included rap verses in Lotha to encourage young Lotha rappers to embrace his culture and dialect.

“It doesn’t sound as funny as one assumes it to be when framed correctly,” he said.

His personal genre is Pop and lately he has been experimenting with Indie Pop and Hip-Hop genre to extend his catalogue, he added.

Achen makes use of YouTube, Instagram and Facebook for promotion.

It is also known that his tracks have gain decent fanbase and so he is looking forward to having his own Spotify account soon.

He has performed in Delhi, Tokhu Emong Festival 2022 and at various events in Kohima, Dimapur, Mokokchung, Zunheboto, Guwahati and Shillong.

Achen Yanthan message for young artists is, “Study more about music marketing and music production and if still confused, don’t be shy to seek help from a music expert.”

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