I Tali Longkumer declares candidacy for ULB Election from Sangtemla ward Mokokchung Town


BY | Tuesday, 4 June, 2024

I Tali Longkumer declared his candidacy for the Urban Local Body Election from Ward No.11 Sangtemla ward, Mokokchung Town on June 3, 2024 at the Community Hall Sangtemla Ward.

I Tali Longkumer, in his address, stated that he is from Settsü Village and has been residing in Sangtemla Ward for 25 years. He mentioned that since his childhood, he has been an active member of society and has continuously served the community. He shared some of his experiences in public service: from 2002 to 2007, he worked as Assistant General Secretary at Ongpangkong Tzukong Mungdang; from 2010 to 2016, he served in the Nagaland State Co-operative Bank Ltd. As a Board of Director for three years and as Vice Chairman for three years. Additionally, he was the Finance Secretary for Sangtemla Ward for five years, an executive member for five years, and the Ward Chairman for five years. During his chairmanship, he accomplished various developmental works, though he acknowledged that there is still much to be done.

Longkumer said that if the members of Sangtemla Ward support him in the upcoming ULB election and elect him to power, he will focus on the obligatory functions of municipal councils to achieve the highest level of development for Sangtemla Ward.

Longkumer addressed that water scarcity is a major problem in Mokokchung Town. Alongside this, he plans to focus on urban amenities and facilities, good roads, street lights, public convenience, and sanitation. He aims to encourage youth empowerment through economic growth and job creation.

Longkumer believes that unity fosters new ideas and innovations, which are essential for supporting local businesses and uplifting the youth. He also aims to reach out to the needy and find ways to address their issues.

He emphasized that Sangtemla Ward is a crucial sector in Mokokchung town, housing the Deputy Commissioner, other dignitaries, 31 government and private offices, six banks, and six churches. He noted that everyone in Mokokchung district passes through Sangtemla Ward, and thus, the lifestyle, work ethic, and sanitation in the ward should be exemplary.

Longkumer stated, “You all know my life. For me, whether small or big, poor or rich, I do not differentiate. You are all a part of me, and I am a part of you. That’s what I believe.”

He mentioned that ward members have been encouraging him to contribute his leadership since last year. Today, he stands ready to contest in the ULB election, motivated by the support of his ward members. He emphasized that winning is not an individual effort but can only be achieved through unity.

Lipokmeren Jamir, representing the Sangtemla Ward Council, stated that after almost 20 years, the long-anticipated ULB election will take place this year in Nagaland. He noted that many good leaders are contesting across all 18 wards. Jamir described Sangtemla Ward as very prestigious, highlighting today’s declaration program of I Tali Longkumer, who he said is deeply familiar with the ward and is an ex-ward chairman. Jamir expressed that the ward is fortunate to have someone like Longkumer, who is experienced in many fields and has earned the people’s trust, willing to serve.

On behalf of the ward council, he appealed to the ward members to avoid violence during this election and to set an example by conducting a peaceful election through their votes. He conveyed the council’s blessings to Longkumer, wishing him victory in his candidacy.

Jamir emphasized to the ward members that development will depend on their contributions. He noted that the ULB election alone will not bring much development; it will be guided by the state government and the urban development office. He stressed that all they can do is contribute when needed, which will lead to visible changes.

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K. Lanu Imchen, an ex-MTC member, acknowledged the candidate’s capability and decision to contest the election. He stated that serving the ward should not involve buying votes or being deceitful. Imchen urged the ward members not to let the candidate spend or waste money on them but to be truthful in their support and stand on principles. He encouraged the ward members to unite and elect a good leader like Longkumer.

B. Sentila Jamir, a ward member from Sangtemla Ward, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to speak. She appreciated Longkumer’s leadership during his chairmanship, noting that he did not differentiate between the poor and the rich. She also acknowledged the Sangtemla Ward Council for maintaining a peaceful and comfortable ward and providing platforms for all. She urged the members to select the best person based on merit, not on clan, village, or tribe. She challenged the candidate to ensure that his promises are kept in his work.

Achipong, representing the youth, voiced strong support for I Tali Longkumer in the upcoming municipal election. Speaking on behalf of young people, Achipong emphasized Longkumer’s commitment to addressing the immediate needs of the community and investing in its future.

“Longkumer has shown a profound commitment to our community, particularly to the youth who represent its heartbeat,” Achipong said. They highlighted Longkumer’s efforts in skill development, citing various vocational training programs that have empowered young people to become self-reliant and successful in their careers.

Achipong also praised Longkumer for his advocacy of youth engagement in civic activities, noting his creation of platforms for young people to voice their opinions and participate in decision-making processes.

“Longkumer has launched numerous campaigns promoting sustainability and environmental awareness among the youth,” Achipong stated, mentioning tree-planting drives and clean-up campaigns that have instilled a sense of responsibility for the environment.

Achipong expressed confidence in Longkumer’s leadership, stating, “We believe that with I Tali Longkumer at the helm, our community will continue to thrive and our dreams and aspirations will be nurtured and realized.”

Longriwati Imchen chaired the program while Limasashi Pongen (Deacon) pronounced the invocation.


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