Nagaland Home Comm’r urge DGP, Comm’r to strictly enforce ban on unauthorized money collection

Kohima: Anyone indulging in illegal collections liable to be prosecuted under Section 188 and 384 of IPC

BY | Tuesday, 21 May, 2024

The Home Commissioner of Nagaland, Vikeyie Kenya, IAS has urged the Director General of Police and the Commissioner to strictly enforce the ban on unauthorized collection of money by Unions/Associations/NGOs or any other private and community organizations in the form of taxes/ membership fee/ subscription/ contribution donation/ charge/levy/ toll or any other form of collection of money on state highways/national highway or market places.

He reminded that the Home Department, Nagaland had earlier banned such illegal collections through an Order dated 31st May 2012. The Department has also banned erection and operation of intra state check gates and banning of any unauthorized collection at interstate check gates by any association/groups or private individuals in its Notification dated 19th May 2022.

It has also been laid down that anyone indulging in any such illegal activities is liable to be prosecuted under Section 188 and 384 of IPC, Kenya stated.

In this regard, the Home Commissioner requested the Offices of the DGP and Commissioner of Nagaland to ensure due compliance to the instructions of the State Government and further instruct respective district administrations and police authorities for strict enforcement of above orders.

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